CCR Verification

How are CCR experiences verified?

CCR Verification

The following is needed in order to record and verify a CCR experience:

  • Students need to record their experiences on the CCR themselves (i.e., it is not an automated process).
  • The experience or activity cannot be for academic credit.
  • All activities should be unpaid (unless it is a CCR-recognized Leadership role).
  • With a select few exceptions, a minimum of 5 hours of participation is needed for each experience recorded on a students' CCR. 
  • The experience or activity must be validated by one of our verified on-campus and/or community partners. Validators are notified when a student requests an activity be added to their CCR. 
  • When requesting an award be added to their CCR, students should email a copy of the award to for verification.
  • Students should write a reflection for each activity they record. Students can complete reflections on Career360°. Without a reflection, the recorded activity will not appear on the student's official CCR document.
  • When requesting a position be added to their CCR, students are encouraged to select up to five competencies

Additional information:

  • Students can discover and record hundreds of CCR experience through the Career360° Activity Directory.
  • Students can request new experiences be added to the Activity Directory by logging into Career360°, selecting Co-Curricular Record, then selecting Request Form and completing the required information. Any Request Forms that are incomplete will not be approved. Requests without an appropriate validator will also not be approved. 
  • Students can view their CCR Dashboard through their Career360° account. The CCR dashboard indicates which experiences a student has requested to be added to their CCR, and the status of each experience (i.e., approved, pending, declined). 


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