Compentencies & Skills

What are Competencies & Skills? 

Students participating in Co-Curricular activities have the opportunity to further develop their skills, abilities, knowledge, and experiences. Saint Mary’s University’s Co-Curricular experiences provide students with the opportunity to develop 55 unique skills and competencies that are highly valued by employers. Students can identify which areas of development to target by referring to the list of potential competencies for each Co-Curricular activity. This list can be found within the Co-Curricular Record’s activity descriptions on Career360°.

How do Competencies & Skills contribute to my CCR?

  • On the Career360° website, under the “Student Resources” tab, you will find a downloadable PDF of the Competencies Framework. Each skill/competency has a description. You can use this information to help you write your resume and prepare for job interviews.
  • When a student submits a request to have an activity included on their CCR, Career360° will ask the student to identify the competencies they achieved as a result of their participation in the CCR activity. The competencies chosen will appear on the CCR.

Click Here  for the Career360° Competencies Framework. 


Reflection is an important component of your personal and professional growth. Students are required to complete a short reflection before submitting their CCR activity for verification. The reflection will not show up on the CCR, rather students can reference this reflection when creating their resumes and cover letters, preparing for job interviews and when setting career goals and making career decisions.

View our Co-Curricular Record Reflection Guide for help writing your Reflection. 

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