It All Adds Up Campaign

Reduce your stress.  Inform your future.

Have you ever thought:

"I feel like I'm constantly rushing but I'm never sure I'm doing enough."

"I'm afraid if I don't get involved in enough extra-curriculars that I won't get a good job or get into grad school."

"I'd like to try some different things...but I'm not sure what to let go of or how to choose what's 'best'."

"I sometimes feel overwhelmed by trying to be super engaged."

It All Adds Up is a career wellness campaign that was created to help answer questions just like these. Taking place at 43 University Career Centres across Canada, this campaign was created to help reduce the stress post-secondary students often feel when thinking about their future careers and personal goals.

Students across the nation are encouraged to think of and share via social media using the hashtags #italladdsup and #builtforsmuccess the many skills and experiences they do not always give themselves full credit for. The goal is to help students feel more confident about their connections to career and job opportunities by reflecting on their activities and interests inside and outside the classroom.

Join Saint Mary's University Career & Experiential Learning at 2018 It All Adds Up week November 5th - 8th, 2018 in the Patrick Power Library! 

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