Career Assessments

Career Counselling can include formal and informal assessments that can help you make decisions related to your education and career.  Our Career Counsellors are qualified to administer and interpret formal standardized assessments in accordance with the ethical standards of their profession.

Please ask your Career Counsellor for more information.

  • Widely used personality assessment
  • Generates a “type” that reflects preferred attitudes and functions
  • Provides a framework for discussion on desired work roles and environments
  • Determines interests in occupations, leisure activities, and school subjects
  • Generates a profile of interests based on Holland themes (i.e., Realistic, Social, Artistic, Investigative, Enterprising and Conventional)
  • Lists occupational possibilities for further discussion
  • Values-based assessment that identifies personal characteristics as they relate to work environment
  • Provides suggestions on occupational fields to explore based on values scores
  • Group-based personality assessment that identifies 4 main temperament types using the colours green, gold, blue, and orange
  • Highlights several aspects of personality, including core needs, key stressors, values, behaviours, and relational styles
  • Generates further discussion around interpersonal communication

Getting the most value out of your assessments requires reflection and discussion of the results.

Please book an appointment with a Career Counsellor to discuss your assessment on your Career360° account.

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