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Current Saint Mary's University students and recent graduates (up to three years post-graduation) from all departments are invited to attend the 2022 Accounting & Finance Career Fair on September 13th, 2022! The annual Accounting & Finance Career Fair is your opportunity to connect and network with Atlantic Canada’s top Accounting and Finance employers.

Career Fair: Tuesday, September 13th, 9AM - 12 PM (Loyola 290)

Wine & Cheese Reception: Monday, September 12th, 5:30 - 7:30pm (Loyola 290)

Registration is now open!

  • Attend a Resume Workshop and bring your resume up-to-date with the assistance of a Career & Employment Coach. View workshops and resume appointments on Career360°
  • View job postings oCareer360°
  • View events calendar on Career360° to view organization information sessions

Are you wondering about what you should do in preparation for the fair? Join our "Prepare for the fair" session happening in person on Friday, September 9 (1:00 pm - 2:30 pm) - Room L 274

Check out the Accounting and Finance Career Fair Guide to learn more about our exhibitors, ascertain what exhibitors are looking for, and find helpful tools for the day of the fair!

Please visit the Exhibitors page and find out who is attending. We’ll be updating this page as exhibitors register!

Some organizations may post jobs prior to the Career Fair so we encourage you to check Career360° on a regular basis to keep up to date on employment opportunities.

Top Questions: Accounting & Finance Career Fair

Who can go to the fair?

Current Saint Mary's University students and recent graduates from all faculties (Arts, Science, and Commerce) and invited to attend. 

Why attend the fair?

The Career Fair is an excellent opportunity to network with representatives about opportunities within their organizations, as well as the type of skills, experience, and education required for these positions. At the Career Fair, each employer will have a booth so you can talk to their representatives about their company.  During the information sessions, employers will present more information to students about their company and may also provide more detail on positions available and how to apply.  The reception allows a more relaxed opportunity to chat with employers (including some recent graduates), faculty, and other students.

Do students need to register for this event?

Yes, however, there is no cost for students to attend the Career Fair. There is a $10 fee to attend the Wine & Cheese Reception.

Where is the fair?

Loyola 290 

What do I talk about?

  • Prepare your Elevator Pitch to introduce yourself; show enthusiasm and interest.
  • Be able to articulate your availability dates for work and where you are willing to work (location, etc.), should an employer ask. 
  • Book an appointment with a Career & Employment Coach to get help with preparing your elevator pitch.

What happens after the fair?

  • Follow up on the contacts you made by connecting with them on LinkedIn or send them a 'Thank you' email if you have their email address (ideally within 24 hours).
  • If discussed, send in your resume and cover letter to the employer.
  • Ask contacts if you can do an Information Interview with them to learn more about their firm or ask them to refer you to someone you can approach to do an Information Interview with. Book a job preparation appointment to get support around approaching and conducting an Information Interview.
  • Search for job postings through regularly checking exhibitors, websites, Career360° and
  • Keep up with Career & Experiential Learning on SMU Student Life channel on Facebook and Instagram.
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