Student Events

This page will be updated at the beginning of each month with upcoming events, workshops and presentations by the Counselling Centre staff and the Peer Supporters. 

Man|Made Group fall 2021 term: A discussion group for male students that provides facilitated conversation and peer modeling around healthy masculinity and sexuality. This group gives all participants the possibility of making a positive impact on campus in helping to reduce gender-based violence, support themselves and learn to support friends to develop healthy views of masculinity. Sign up link here: 

For questions about these events please email  

Psychoeducation Group Sessions

Psychoeducation Group Sessions provide students with information and tools to help them better manage day-to-day mental health issues. We will discuss topics including emotion regulation strategies, how to identify anxiety and depression manifesting in the body, and coping strategies to deal with stress. In each 45-minute session, the Mental Health Educator will guide students through several worksheets and mindfulness exercises that they can use anytime. Sessions are open to any student who is interested in learning more, and we encourage students who are waiting to start counselling or are just starting counselling to attend. This is also a great opportunity for students who are interested in accessing counselling and want more information first. Students can register in advance by emailing, but advanced registration is not required. Students are welcome to drop in! Sessions are Mondays at 3pm in the Student Centre, 3rd floor room 302. 

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