Facilities Rental

Homburg Centre for Health & Wellness

Cardio Room – Includes cardio machines, light weights, stretching area, individual strength circuit machines, multi-unit cable machines, and hydraulic circuit for a quick workout.

Weight Room – Plate loaded machines, squat racks, barbells, dumbbells, and power-lifting platforms.

Studio A, B & C – Floating hardwood floor where pilates, yoga, spin, and a variety of fitness classes are offered.

Community Room – Floating hardwood floor where a variety of fitness classes are offered, along with badminton, table tennis, and pickup basketball.

Squash Courts – Four international squash courts with sanded hardwood floors.

Gymnasium – Basketball, badminton and volleyball courts.

Spa Area – Sauna and steam room.

Huskies Stadium

Track – 6 running lanes with a 7th on the back stretch only (near stadium)

Stadium with Artificial Turf – Stadium seating capacity is about 2200; game lines for Football, Soccer, Rugby and Field Hockey.

Dauphinee Arena

Ice Surface - International Ice Surface with access to 6 dressing rooms

Seating capacity -  about 1100 sitting and standing room 

Barbara Holmes Warming Area - over looks the ice surface, seating for about 50



To book facilities and parties, contact Linda Gould at 902-420-5440 or linda.gould@smu.ca

Fill out Rental Request form below and send to Linda Gould at linda.gould@smu.ca

Rental Request Form for Athletics Department

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