Rental Information

Huskies Stadium - Rental Information

For Food and Beverage Service inquiries during rentals -, Aramark Services on Campus

For Turf Rentals contact Linda Gould at 902-420-5440 or email at

Please fill out request form and send to        Rental Request Form for Athletics Department

Rental Fees - $107.00/hr (hst included) as of April 1, 2017

Hours - Weekdays from 6am to 11pm & Weekends from 8am to 11pm


Huskies Stadium Guidelines

Open to the public when Stadium is not booked

  1. Individuals only
  2. No groups greater than 3 are permitted
  3. Does not permit use of our equipment or access to storage rooms
  4. Does not include access to building for washrooms or fountains

 Bookings – include rentals, camps, official varsity activities

  1. When field is booked there is to be no other people using track, end zone, etc.
  2. SMU Track team and SMU trainers are permitted to use the outside lane as long as rental/user had no objection

 Groups who have used in the past and are no-longer permitted – must book and pay a rental fee

  1. Outside hockey trainers and athletes
  2. School track teams
  3. Organized groups


For safety and performance reasons the following usage rules are to be enforced and apply to all users:



  • No throwing heavy items against turf (medicine balls, dumb bells etc.)
  • No dragging equipment, nets, training items across turf (tires, sleds etc.)  Any metal surfaces will cause damage. Mylar based items are permitted (black sled only)
  • No metal spikes permitted
  • Proper turf shoes are recommended
  • Repeated high usage of specific areas will cause damage  
    • Practice corner and penalty kicks from different areas instead of just one spot
    • Digging out the infill for kicking or other reasons is not permitted at any time


  • No throwing heavy items against turf (medicine balls, weight etc.)
  • No dragging equipment, nets, training items across turf (tires, sleds etc.)
  • No metal spikes
  • No more than 3 mil pin spikes recommended on shoes


  • The pavement area below patio can be used for throwing heavy items for training.
  • No items are to be thrown again any walls inside or outside the Homburg Centre.
  • The turf will be scheduled to be groomed weekly. Please respect the drivers and clear and stay off the field while they are working on it.
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