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Senior Apartments

Senior Apartments are ideal for 3rd and 4th year students as well as transfer students. Conveniently located in the Loyola Residence, the suites feature private, lockable single bedrooms in an apartment-like unit with self-contained bathroom and kitchen(ette).

Each apartment has a lockable front door and is for the private use of the students sharing the suite.

A manadatory minimum meal plan component is now required for Senior Apartments.

Transfer students and students 21 years or older must contact the Housing & Residence prior to completing their online application in order to access the senior apartment options.

*** Please note that due to specific in-room amenities, including TVs in bedrooms, ALL Senior Apartment bed spaces in all units on Loyola South Floors 19 and 20 are considered "super-singles" and charged for as such. ***

Photos and sample floor plans (pdf)


Senior Apartments were primarily designed to house students in their final year of study in undergraduate degree programs and students in graduate programs.


Life Style: These units feature a choice of “private / single user” or “shared” bathrooms. All bedrooms are private in the sense that each student has his/her own private, lockable room. The private suites have single bedrooms, each with private bath. Shared suites have single bedrooms with shared bath. Single-sex and co-ed suites are available based on demand.

Size: Senior apartments vary in size and configuration. Some are designed to house two students, while others have three and four students sharing an apartment. Some four-student apartments (on floors 7-10) feature two bathrooms, one with a tub and the other with a shower unit, while other (floors 19 & 20) feature one bathroom.

Kitchens: The  senior apartments on floors 3 and 4 which feature private washrooms have small kitchenettes with combined microwave/convection oven and a half refrigerator. Senior apartments on floors 7-10 and 19 - 20 have full kitchens with range and full-sized refrigerator.

Furnishings: All bedrooms feature a captain-style bed with clothes drawers underneath and a full-sized computer desk with large hutch, slide-out keyboard tray drawer unit and task light. A comfortable multi-purpose chair is also provided. Some rooms feature freestanding closet units, while others have built in closets. The “shared” suites have small dining tables, chairs and bar stools. Window drapes are included in all bedrooms.

Technology: Each student will have voice, data and cable outlets in their bedroom. Phone set, local phone service, voice mail, access to the University's network and high speed internet is included in the rental fee.  Televisions, coaxial cable, computers and necessary patch cords are not provided. An exception are the senior apartmnets on floors 19 & 20, which feature televisions in the bedrooms.

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