Personal Training

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Personal training fees  


Individual Personal Training

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Package Member Price (Per Session)Non-Member Price (Per Session)Description
Consultation + Assessment $63 $79 1hr consultation and 1.5hr fitness assessment
Fitness Starter $53 $67 1.5hr consultation/assessment and 3, 1hr sessions
6 Sessions $53 $67 6 private sessions, with personal ized programming, consultation and ongoing assessment
10 Sessions $48 $60 10 private sessions, with personalized programming, consultation, and ongoing assessment
20 Sessions $46 $57 20 private sessions, with personalized programming, consulation, and ongoing assessment


Buddy Personal Training (Pricing is Per Person)

*Buddy Personal Training is Delayed until January 12th in accordance with Nova Scotia Public Health restrictions.

Add HST to all prices

           Package                Member Price (Per Session)Non-Member Price (Per Session)Description
6 Sessions $37 $47 6 semi-private session, with personalized programming, consultation, and assessment 
10 Sessions $32 $40 10 semi-private sessions, with personalized programming, consultation, and ongoing assessment
20 Sessions $27 $34 20 semi-private sessions, with personalized programming, consultation, and ongoing assessment


  • All packages expire 12 months after purchase
  • There is a 24hr cancellation policy for all session appointments
  • All sessions are 1hr in length

Meet The Personal Trainers at SMUfit

Robert Brownell

A graduate of Dalhousie University, Robert’s career began at the grass roots level as a Physical Education teacher in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Robert is a certified practitioner with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is the owner of Body Train, a professional service dedicated to strength and conditioning and personal training. Robert had a nine year affiliation with the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic where he reinforced his knowledge of periodization and program design. While working with the CSCA was honoured to have training experiences with Olympic and Paralympic Athletes and many Canada Games Athletes. Saint Mary’s University in Halifax has used Robert’s service since October 1998. As a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, his service has been used by Men’s Soccer, Women’s Basketball, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Volleyball, and the Huskies Football Team as well as multiple assignments with other varsity programs. Robert has worked with all levels of hockey athletes in the East Coast League, West Coast League, American Hockey League, National Hockey League and Quebec Major Junior League. Robert’s services have been used by Myosymetries, a chronic pain clinic, and by Performance Physiotherapy, a full service physiotherapy clinic. In addition to the above affiliations, Robert has had over 8,500 individual personal training sessions at the Homburg Health and Wellness Centre.

Mikaela Henderson, PDt., FIS

As a Dietitian and a personal trainer, I believe in a client-centred approach to training. As a healthcare practitioner and an individual who embodies a healthy active lifestyle, I am passionate about helping others improve their health and wellness. With a BSc. Human Kinetics I am well versed in exercise prescription and will ensure that your program is safe and effective. Being a past university athlete I have an enthusiasm for both training for performance and healthy living. I have experience working with individuals in all areas from healthy lifestyle to athletic performance and all age groups in between. With your needs and goals at the forefront, we will work together to achieve these goals in an enjoyable way.

Thomas Kochanoff B.A., NSCA -PT, CSCS

I have been coaching, training and mentoring for over 20 years and still very much addicted to helping others. My training philosophy is based on the person first and programming second. What someone needs, their goals lead to reverse engineering what exercise modalities might work best for that person or group. Based on mobility- stability -strength mantra to guide how individuals can move better and more affective in life and reaching their goals. Better movement or performance can take place through video assessment, dynamic movement screens, Olympic lifts, body building to body weight circuits. These are all just tools that can be used to help individuals towards their goals. I’ve been fortunate enough to train youth to varsity athletes in various sports. My main focus has been volley ball, hockey, field hockey and now strength coach for a university women’s soccer program. Working with clients figuring out their limiting factors to health and performance goals is my approach in how I help my clients, teams and coaches. In my downtime, I’m huge into indoor bouldering, yoga, hiking, kayaking and of course weight training. Strength through struggle is how I live my life and coach others.

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