Campus Life

Residence Move-In (Winter 2021)

We are excited to welcome you to the Saint Mary’s University residence community! While things may be a bit different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our top priority is the health, safety, well-being, and security of our residents and staff. We ask for your cooperation, understanding, and patience as we all work our way through a modified residence move-in process in January 2021. We ask that you abide by all posted signage and protocols in order to help us ensure the health and safety of residents, supporters, and staff.

Residents are able to move in at any time, 24 hours / day. We are NOT currently assigning specific time slots for individuals to move into residence at this time. 

Please note check-in locations / times below:

  • ALL January 2021 check-ins will take place at the Loyola Residence Desk

We are happy to advise that we are able to accommodate residents who are required to quarantine for 14 days based on their travel. When they move into residence, ALL residents in this situation will move into a temporary bed space upon arrival and move to their permanent bed space upon successful completion of their 14-day quarantine period. Meal delivery and garbage pick-up will be provided during the quarantine period. 

ALL residents who require a quarantine period based on travel MUST arrange and confirm their 14-day quarantine IN ADVANCE by contacting the Housing & Residence Office by email at Emails MUST include your Name, Student Number, Expected Arrival Date / Time, and Dietary Restrictions.


PLEASE NOTE the following with regard to residence move-in:

  • ANY individuals who are feeling unwell or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms are required to delay their move-in process. These individuals must NOT arrive on campus to move in to residence until they are well and must advise the Housing & Residence Office via email of their situation ( This applies to both residents and supporters / family members.
  • ALL residents are required to abide by any and all University, federal and provincial government, Public Health, and NS Health authority COVID-19-related directives, guidelines and regulations at all times.
  • ALL residents are limited to a maximum of one (1) supporter / family member to assist with residence move-in.
  • ALL individuals, including residents and their supporters / family members, must wear masks at all times in the residence complex.
  • ALL individuals, including residents and their supporters / family members, must wash / sanitize their hands upon entry to residences at stations provided.
  • Physical distancing should be observed by ALL individuals, including residents and their supporters / family members, whenever possible (in lines, corridors, etc.).
  • ALL individuals, including residents and their supporters / family members, must respect and abide by posted elevator capacity / occupancy limits at all times.
  • ALL residents required to quarantine based on current Public Health guidelines and University protocols MUST move directly into to their temporary quarantine spaces. Access to permanent rooms prior to successful completion of the 14-day isolation period is NOT possible.
  • Individuals (supporters / family members) who would normally be required to quarantine based on travel and arrival in NS are NOT permitted to assist residents with move-in and are NOT permitted in the residence complex.

Additional details or changes to move-in protocols will be posted as they are available. Please check your email frequently for important updates on move in. You should contact Housing & Residence ( if you have any questions or concerns related to the residence move-in process here at Saint Mary’s.

Late Arrival

If you do not arrive and register for your residence room by 5 PM on the first day of classes (when starting in either September or January), your residence room reservation will be cancelled and your $500 deposit will be forfeited. If you know that you will be arriving late you must contact the Housing & Residence Office and provide written notification (prior to the first day of classes) that you will be arriving late for residence.

Bringing Personal Items

Your residence room will be your home for the academic year; please bring whatever you need to make it comfortable. You are advised not to bring valuable possessions into residence. All personal belongings must be insured.

Please be aware that the University does not provide:

  • Towels and face-cloths
  • Bed Linens
  • Soap and toiletry items for personal use
  • Detergent for washing clothes and laundry bag/basket
  • Coat Hangers

Note: In the interest of public safety, Saint Mary's, like most universities, has prohibited certain items from use in single student housing. Please refer to the Residence Handbook for more information on prohibited items and our pest control policy / procedures.


You are responsible for arranging adequate insurance coverage for all of your belongings. The University's insurance policy does not cover damage to or loss of your personal property, however caused. You should contact your family insurance agent to determine if you are covered under your parent's home insurance and if so, for what amount. You should also determine if additional insurance is required for more expensive items such as a camera, TV, stereo, computer or jewelry etc. The University will not assume responsibility for loss or damage to any possessions, however caused. You are responsible for reporting stolen personal items to the Halifax Regional Police.

Decorating and Caring for your Room or Apartment

No part of the residence premises may be painted, wall-papered, or permanently decorated without the written consent of the Department of Housing & Conference Services. Using nails, tacks, hooks, spikes, tape or other items to hang pictures, posters and other material on the walls in your room will result in damage and is not permitted. In instances where the aforementioned items are applied to painted surfaces within a room or apartment, an assessment will result for each item found to be used. Failure to remove these items will result in additional fines. This assessment is over and above any damage to the room caused by the use of the prohibited item.

The following 3 adhesives have been approved by the University:

  • Magic-Mounts. Available at the SMU Campus Bookstore.
  • 3M 'Command' Adhesive products. 3M products can be purchased at bookstores, hardware and department stores.
  • Poster Putty. Available in most supply stores.

Note: This is not an endorsement by the University as to the efficacy of any of these products and students are encouraged to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Move Out / Check Out Procedures

When you move out of residence you must follow the move out procedures listed below. (In rooms / apartments with more than one occupant each student must follow this procedure, not just the last student to leave.)

  • All personal belongings and garbage must be removed from your room / apartment and you must thoroughly clean your room.
  • You must check out at the Loyola Residence Desk.
  • Your keys must be returned to the Loyola Residence Desk.
  • All floor surfaces must be swept clean and washed.
  • All wall surfaces must be washed (kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms)
  • The bathroom sink, tub, tiles, and toilet must be scrubbed.
  • The refrigerator must be emptied and wiped out. The freezer must be defrosted and cleaned.
  • The oven, stove-top and burners must be thoroughly cleaned.
  • In cases where students fail to follow the move out procedures, cleaning will be done by University custodians / contract cleaners and the student will be billed an appropriate amount for labour and materials.