Conflict Resolution Advisor

Repairing and maintaining strong relationships

The key to resolving conflict is good communication. If you feel tension between you and another person, or you have an issue with someone, you need to talk with them.

Our conflict resolution advisors can help you learn to participate in a constructive conversation by:

  • speaking in a respectful, non-antagonistic way
  • being a good active listener
  • stating your needs in a clear, non-threatening manner

Sometimes it helps to talk about it. Make an appointment with a Conflict Resolution Advisor by calling 902-420-113.

Tips for resolving conflict

  • listen to others
  • express your own needs 
  • stay focused on the issue 
  • avoid personal attack
  • find shared interests and values
  • avoid taking a position
  • apologize if you’re wrong
  • take a break from discussion and revisit it after a cool-down period
  • explore creative solutions
  • be open to compromise
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