Saint Mary's University Security is responsible for parking enforcement on campus.

Parking Permits

Permits are required for on-site parking except in metered areas. Should you wish to purchase a parking permit, visit the Facilities Management Office (McNally South Basement MS011) between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Contact Parking Enforcement: 902-420-5577

Parking ViolationsViolations of parking regulations result in parking infraction ticket. Information on ticket information and payment options will appear on the back of the ticket.

Saint Mary's University parking tickets may be paid at the Facilities Management Office (McNally South Basement MS011) between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Facilities Management accepts most forms of payment. (Only Saint Mary's parking tickets can be paid here.)

If any vehicle has three (3) unpaid Saint Mary's University parking infractions, Security officers have two options:

  • A wheel boot device designed to prevent vehicles from moving.The boot will be removed once the unpaid parking infractions and a $100 boot removal fee have been paid.
  • A Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) parking ticket followed by having the vehicle towed off campus at the owner‟s expense.

Security may also use the noted enforcement techniques for any of the following violations: 

  • parking in a handicap space with no visible permit
  • parking in fire lane or obstructing a fire hydrant
  • parking in a marked no-parking zone
  • unauthorized parking in a reserved carpool or underground space

The manager of Security Services may also have a vehicle in violation towed off-campus at their discretion.

To avoid possible problems, please pay parking tickets promptly.

Parking Ticket Appeal Policy

Parking tickets that have been issued in error can be appealed by filling out the Parking Appeal Form at the Dispatch Desk in McNally Main within 24 hours. You must attach your ticket to this form, and pass it in (within the 24 hours) to the issuing officer. The appeal decision will be made within three business days and the response will be sent to the appellant's address provided on the appeal form.

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