Register for the Pomelo Health Portal

Our clinic uses the Pomelo Health Portal to manage appointments. Through the portal patients can:

  • book and cancel appointments
  • receive and send messages to clinic administrators

Book your appointment now

Haven't signed up for your Pomelo Health Portal Account? Follow our registration instructions below to get started.

Setting up your Pomelo Account

Depending on which type of patient you are, please follow the instructions below to set-up and sign in to the Pomelo Health portal.

Patients with a Canadian provincial health card

  1. Register for your account in the Pomelo Health Portal.
  2. Use the first four numbers of your health card as your initial password.
  3. After registering for your account, you can now book and cancel appointments.

Patients without a Canadian provincial health card
(including international students with health insurance through blue cross and patients who pay per visit)

New patients

  1. Book your first appointment and register for your account here.
  2. Once registered you will be prompted to "create your patient chart".
  3. After your chart is created you may book an appointment.

Please note: when booking your first appointment you will need to include your student ID (A#) with the reason for your visit.

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