Writing Centre and Academic Communications

Writing Resources

The Writing Centre has a number of online and print resources that address a broad spectrum of writing tasks in the Arts, Sciences, and Business faculties. Many of these resources have been developed by the staff at the Writing Centre. Based on feedback and input from faculty members, a number of these resources have been tailored to meet the specific needs and expectations of programs offered at Saint Mary’s.

The Handouts section covers a wide range of topics, including general essay writing, Business and Commerce writing, writing in the Sciences, and various style guides used in respective disciplines. In addition, a number of key grammar handouts are made available to students, as well as guidelines for critical reading and analysis, writing graduate school and scholarship applications, and how to undertake academic research for a given writing assignment.

The Library Resources section provides important links made available by the Patrick Power Library that address accessing research data bases, finding electronic and in-print resources, using specific academic writing guides, and accessing the NovaNet Catalogue, linked to local, national, and international library catalogues.

The Online Writing Resources section offers useful links to a number of well-established resources available online that have been developed by other universities and their respective Writing Centres. Topics include writing resources across the curriculum, ESL-related resources, documentation and references, grammar resources, and spelling tutorials, to name a few.

The How to Write a Paper section provides a detailed guide aimed at undergraduate students who need support and guidance in essay writing, term papers, and research-based reports. It serves as a useful guide to the various stages of the writing process, and it highlights important resources and services available at the library and beyond that are useful to students undertaking a multitude of writing tasks and assignments.

The Paper Planning Tool offers a new tool that assists in the short- and long-term planning needed to research, write, and revise academic papers. Students begin by entering the date a paper was assigned, followed by the expected submission date. The planner generates benchmark dates to complete the paper on time, and provides a list of resources to help at each stage of the process.