View Your Account Summary

How much do I owe?

Students should check their Account Summary by Term on the tuition due date to ensure all tuition/fees have been paid. Failing to due so could lead to an outstanding balance.

Student account information is considered confidential and access to the account by a third party (i.e. parents) must be authorized by the student in person or by email to the Service Centre. If you are paying a student's account, please request the Term Balance from the student.

There are two ways to see your Term Balance:

Option 1: Account Summary by Term

This is updated in real time as you add or drop classes and/or make payments. Your Account Summary by Term should be consulted before making a payment to ensure you are paying the correct balance.

Go to Self Service Banner and follow these instructions to view your Account Summary by Term.

To see how much you owe for a given term, view the “Term Balance” towards the bottom of each summary. The “Account Balance” is a summary of all your past, current and future charges that have not been paid (it does not necessarily mean this is the amount due now).

To calculate your current amount due, take the “Account Balance” and subtract the “Term Balance” for any term that is not due yet. This is useful as credit balances from previous terms are reflected in the “Account Balance” not the more recent “Term Balances”.

Option 2: Access your PDF statement

This statement is updated monthly and is sometimes preferred by employers, sponsors, etc. as they require a PDF format.

These statements were formally mailed at the beginning of each term. However, in order to provide you with the most accurate reflection of your term costs, you will now exclusively access your Account Statement online. Please always compare your PDF statement with your Account Summary by Term, as the PDF could be outdated.

Go to Self Service Banner and follow these instructions to view your PDF Statement.

  • Select “Enter Self-Service Banner”
  • Enter your email address and passwordClick here if you need help to access your account.
  • Select the “Student” tab at the top.
  • Select “Student Account”.
  • Select "Statement & Payment History".
  • Select the most recent Statement Bill Date, View Statement
    A PDF statement will open (Ensure you allow pop-ups from Self Service Banner).