Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

View tuition and fees for the academic year (September- August).

Tuition (includes all per-course mandatory fees)

Course Type Arts Commerce Science & Engineering Co-op
Nova Scotia *
Canadian/Permanent Resident
$744.70 $864.70 $829.70 $500.00
Out of Province
Canadian/Permanent Resident
$873.00 $993.00 $958.00 $500.00
International  $1,987.00 $2,213.00 $2,146.00 $500.00

New International Students

(Starting at Saint Mary's in 2022-23 Academic year)

$2,044.00 $2,276.00 $2,206.00 $500.00

Tuition includes per course (half credit) mandatory fees: Arts Learning Resource ($10), Science Technology ($30), Sobey School of Business Career Services ($10).

*Per Course Fees are explained here.

*Nova Scotia residents‌‌ receive the NS University Student Bursary of $128.30 per half-credit course.  

Ancillary Fees (2022-2023) 


Full-time Fee 
(more than 9 credit hours per semester) 

Part-time Fee 
(less than 9 credit hours per semester) 

Campus Renewal  $190.00  $114.00
Recreation Facilities Renewal  $55.00 $33.00
Copyright Fee  $15.00 $9.00
Sport and Recreation   $55.00   $33.00 
Student Services  $35.00   $21.00 
Systems Technology  $50.00   $30.00 
Totals $400.00 $240.00

Ancillary Fees will be applied to a student account based on the number of credit hours as noted above. The ancillary fees are explained here.

Student Fees (2022-2023)


Full-Time Fee
(more then 9 credit hours per semester)

Part-time Fee
(less then 9 credit hours per semester)

SMUSA Student Fee  $171.00 ($85.50 per term)      $63.50 (31.75)  
U-PASS (Bus Pass) $170.00 ($85.00 per term)  n/a 

*Students who register in the Winter term only will pay one term of student fees as noted above. 

Learn more about SMUSA fees.

Fall U-Pass

  • If you do not require your Fall U-Pass and wish to waive your Fall U-Pass fee, please contact karla.hodge@smu.ca.

Summer U-Pass

  • If a student is registered in two or more courses for the May-June term they will automatically receive the Summer U-Pass at a cost of $85.00 based on the 2022-2023 rates.
  • Students who are taking one or more courses over the May-June and/or July-August terms can opt-in and purchase a U-Pass at the Service Centre for $85.00 based on the 2022-2023 rates.
  • U-Passes will be valid from May 1st-August 31st.
  • For questions regarding the Summer U-Pass please contact karla.hodge@smu.ca

Medical and Dental Fees (2022-2023)

Medical and Dental plans are administered by the Saint Mary's University Student's Association (SMUSA).

  Canadian Rates International Rates
Medical – 12 month (Sept-Aug)    $220.00    $1133.00
Medical – 8 months (Jan-Aug) $147.00 $752.00
Dental – 12 months (Sept – Aug) $120.00 $120.00
Dental – 8 months (Jan-Aug) $80.00 $80.00
For family rates (including dependents), contact the SMUSA Health Plan Office at healthplan.smusa@smu.ca or 902-496-8754

Medical and Dental Plan Information: 

Students with comparable medical and dental coverage may opt-out of the University medical and dental plans each year as indicated below:

Canadian Students: Opt out Online through SMUPort

International Students: To opt out of all or part of the health coverage, email healthplan.smusa@smu.ca.

Contact the SMUSA Health Plan Office at healthplan.smusa@smu.ca or 902-496-8754

Opt-Out Deadlines: Fall Term - September 25, Winter Term - January 25

Questions? Contact the SMUSA Health Plan Office at healthplan.smusa@smu.ca or 902-496-8754

Other Fees, Deposits and Charges 

Undergraduate Application Fee    $40.00   
Residence Application Fee $25.00
Residence Deposit $500.00
Replacement Student ID Card $15.00
Reinstatement Fee $50.00
Returned Cheque (NSF) $20.00
Interest on Overdue Accounts 12.67% per annum
Late Payment Fee $50.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are tuition fees changing?

Saint Mary’s University continues to focus on delivering a top-quality academic and student experience. Tuition changes support the operations of the university and enable Saint Mary’s to continue to provide students with a world-class education. Saint Mary’s is comparable to other Canadian and Nova Scotian universities in terms of tuition pricing and affordability.

What decision-making and consultative processes took place?

Tuition rates are reviewed annually by the University Budget Committee, Executive Management Group (EMG) and the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors membership includes alumni, faculty, students, and members of the community at large.

What financial supports are available to students?

Saint Mary’s University supports an annual scholarship, award and bursary program for students at the entrance, returning and graduate level. In addition, funding opportunities are available through external organizations. Federal and provincial student grants and loans are available for Canadian and Permanent Resident students. Students can apply to many of these award programs each year, with most deadlines taking place in the winter term for the following academic year.

Find out about...
Entrance Awards for new incoming students at smu.ca/admissions.
Financial Aid & Awards for current undergraduate students at smu.ca/faa
Funding for graduate students at smu.ca/fgsr/fgsr-graduate-students.

Career and Experiential Learning can also support students who want to strengthen their job search skills or learn effective strategies for resume writing and job interviews. Students can search for available job opportunities at career360.smu.ca.

When will the fees be posted to my account?

You can view your account summary, by term, at the end of June 2022 in Self-Service Banner.