Student Testimonials

There are many challenges in life and one of them is the competition of entering graduate school. It is with this in mind that I chose to enter the co-operative program. It has allowed me to have a competitive resume as well as to make valuable connections thus bringing me a step further towards my future. The co-operative program is ideal for any student serious about their success.

Renelle Bourdage, Bachelor of Science Psychology Co-op Graduate

The co-op program at Saint Mary's is fantastic. I was able to build a resume full of job experience related to my field of study at organizations that work to see students succeed. I got a head start at seeing what jobs were possible after graduation with the continuing support from the team at the co-op office. I was able to generate income to pay for school and was presented with great career opportunities after graduation. Definitely the best choice I made in my undergraduate program!

Laura Gilroy, Bachelor of Commerce Accounting Co-op Graduate

Co-operative Education has allowed me to gain invaluable work experience while in school. Having completed three terms, I gained experience in research, improved my writing skills, and co-authored a published research paper, among many other things. Thanks to co-operative education, I was accepted into graduate school and am furthering my education.

Tyra McFadden, Bachelor of Arts Psychology Co-op Graduate

Enrollment in a CO-OP program was a strategic decision that helped me beef up resume, gain professional experience and expand my professional network. Most importantly, thanks to the CO-OP program, I secured a full-time job during my last work-term.

Evgeny Chudeav, Bachelor of Commerce Accounting Co-op Graduate

The co-op program at Saint Mary's University was my favorite part of my accounting degree. I was able to take my knowledge from the classroom and apply it to a real-life work setting. Having the opportunity to network, work in different industries, and even different cities allowed me to learn more about myself and what I would like to do in the future. I can confidently say that I am prepared for what will come next in my professional career thanks to the SMU co-op program.

Pooja Lal, Bachelor of Commerce Accounting Co-op Graduate

For me, the greatest benefit of the co-op program was that it gave me a direction and a focus. Without the co-op program I would not know the type of career path that I would like to pursue. Textbooks and class time cannot teach you that, it's something that you have to go through and experience.

Alisa Barr, Bachelor of Commerce Accounting Co-op Graduate

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