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Dr. Yigit Aydede's COVID-19 research featured on CBC News

Date Published: March 22, 2021

Dr. Yigit Aydede's research, Mobility and COVID-19 Spread: Solving the Puzzle, is featured in a CBC News story: How well have Canadians complied with COVID-19 restrictions? New data offers a glimpse.

"A few recent studies may offer some clues on how mobility levels affect infection rates. Yigit Aydede, a professor of data analytics at St. Mary's University in Halifax, studied mobility in three cities — Montreal, Toronto and New York — and found it takes, on average, nine days for a drop in mobility levels to translate into a drop in cases."

Dr. Aydede and his research team were selected by the Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research Coalition to help understand the environmental factors at play in local transmission rates of COVID-19.

Visit CBC News to read the full story.


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