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In-Migration and Out-Migration: Atlantic Canada at a Crossroads

Date: Thursday, June 14, 2018

Saint Mary's University, Scotiabank Theatre | RSVP:

Session will be part of the Immigration Identity and Managing Diversity conference.

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Although recent federal and regional initiatives have resulted in an increase in immigrant retention in Atlantic Canada since the turn of present century, its immigrant retention rate remains lower than the rest of Canada. Speakers in this plenary session will discuss the importance of immigration for the region, recent trends in immigrant arrivals, their retention and mobility motivations. Evidence based presentations, and resulting discussions, will be useful information for policy makers in designing immigrant attraction and retention policies.

Organizer: Ather H. Akbari – Saint Mary’s University

Chair: David Chaundy (Atlantic Provinces Economic Council)

Presenters and Presentation Titles:

  • Ather H. Akbari – Saint Mary’s University | Who Comes, Who Stays, Who Leaves Nova Scotia
  • James Ted McDonald – University of New Brunswick (Fredericton) | Immigrant Retention in New Brunswick: An Analysis Using Provincial Administrative Data
  • Tony Fang – Memorial University of Newfoundland | Retention and Integration of Refugees in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Respondent: Howard Ramos (Dalhousie University)


Note: This session is sponsored by Atlantic Research Group on Economics of Immigration, Aging and Diversity

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