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Elevating Impact

Date Published: May 13, 2020

Sobey Releases New Five Year Strategic Plan

Download Elevating Impact: Sobey School Strategic Plan 2020-2025

A Message from Dean Harjeet Bhabra:

We are proud to share the Strategic Plan (2020-25) for the Sobey School of Business that will chart our course for the next five years. Titled Elevating Impact, it reflects our collective vision and aspirations for the School, and is the culmination of a year long effort involving extensive consultations across all stakeholder groups. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all those who contributed to this effort; students, alumni, faculty, staff and members of the business community. Their insights, ideas and ingenuity helped shape our strategic direction outlined in this document.

I am proud to see in this document a reflection of my own vision for the Sobey School. We will build on the pillars of teaching & learning, research and community engagement, while weaving in our transversal themes of innovation and entrepreneurship, global and intercultural perspectives, and social and ethical responsibility.

This year has so far introduced unforeseen and unprecedented circumstances that have radically changed the environment we find ourselves in. Yet, when I review the objectives we have set for ourselves in light of the profound changes we are witnessing today, they remain sound, relevant and achievable. Yes, we will make tactical adjustments along the way, adapt, innovate and respond creatively to current and new challenges that we may encounter. However, our commitment to our longer-term goals to elevate our impact through advancing the interests of our students, discovery and connecting with our communities, remains steadfast.

I believe this plan provides a clear roadmap that will lead the Sobey School safely through these turbulent times and on to greater achievement beyond.

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