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Professorships & Chairs

Canada Research Chairs

Scotiabank Professor of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Mohammad Rahaman, Tier 2 Canada Research Chair, International Finance and Competitiveness

Winners and Losers of Globalization: Unlocking the Gains From International Competition

The recent rise in anti-globalization discourse in many countries has challenged the belief of many economists that internationalization is, on balance, beneficial for both high- and low-wage countries.

Dr. Mohammad Rahaman, Canada Research Chair in International Finance and Competitiveness, argues that, contrary to this perception, engaging in international trade is a positive-sum game. His research demonstrates that increasing technology and productivity is key in seeing the gains from globalization for firms in high-wage countries like Canada.

More importantly, he argues that the degree to which a country’s capital market is regulated, supervised and well-governed can reduce the detrimental effect of  import competition from low-wage countries by easing financing constraints for globally competitive, productive, innovative, and technologically-advanced firms.

Dr. Rahaman is currently investigating how manufacturing and job losses induced by competition from low-wage countries such as China are influencing the way capital is accessed and whether financing is available in high-wage countries like Canada. Rahaman and his research team hope to make significant contribution towards our understanding of how small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada can overcome their financing constraints and contribute to employment growth in the face of increasingly globalized and competitive world economy.

Najah Attig, Tier 2 Canada Research Chair, Finance

A Life Raft for the Corporate World

The business world has seen its share of financial crises and cases of white-collar fraud in recent years. It is in desperate need of a life raft to help it avoid similar calamities in the future.

Fortunately, Dr. Najah Attig, Canada Research Chair in Finance, is well-positioned to help the corporate world in the wake of a major financial crisis. Attig is focusing his research on stock market liquidity and corporate governance, which refers to the ways in which companies are directed and controlled and to their institutional practices.

Through his research, Attig aims to develop an in-depth understanding of financial markets and their decision-making processes to better prepare investors and optimize the interactions of corporations. As well, he is seeking to shed light on the relationship between corporate disclosure, related-party transactions and agency costs.

Attig’s research is also playing an important role in educating society and providing guidance to regulatory authorities as they work to improve corporate governance practices and institutional environments.

In the aftermath of recent corporate fraud and white-collar crimes, research of this nature is badly needed to better prepare investors and improve how corporations interact. Attig’s research will help develop the innovative strategies needed to create long-term corporate and shareholder value and sustain growth in a competitive economy.


Dr. Dawn Jutla 

Scotiabank Professor of Technology Entrepreneurship

Founding Director (2014-17) and Founder of the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship (MTEI) Program at the Sobey School, Dr. Jutla holds Master and PhD degrees in Computer Science from the Technical University of Nova Scotia - Dalhousie University. Her 1996 PhD work in Computer Science on the topic of multi-view access control has been cited in Xerox and IBM US patents. Dr. Jutla is the 2009 recipient of the World Technology Award for IT Software in the Individual Category. She brings 25 years+ experience in the IT industry and Business, experience in IT Sales and administration, a record of R&D, breadth and depth in business and technology courses, significant international and local business Board governance experience, and a genuine interest in the well-being of her students and their and the School’s contribution to the Atlantic Canada economy. Dawn served for 6 years on the Saint Mary’s Board of Governors, and 2 years as FISMS Department Chair. She currently serves as a Director on the Board of OASIS, and the Board of the IWK Health Centre.


Dr. Kevin Kelloway, a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, is a professor and researcher with the I/O Psychology program at Saint Mary's University. Dr. Kelloway works closely with faculty of the Sobey School of Business. 

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