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Sanderson Appointed to Lead Centre

Date Published: March 15, 2018

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Sanderson as the Acting Director of the Sobey School Business Development Centre (SSBDC). The appointment was made following the recent retirement of Eric Crowell, who served the Centre for 20 years.

Eric presided over a long period of growth and change at SSBDC. Some of the accomplishments the Centre made during this time include developing the top youth employability program in North America; leadership development for the Enactus team which grew in size and success exponentially; fostering the pervasiveness of entrepreneurship across campus; and supporting the growth and innovation of companies across the region.

Michael has been leading entrepreneurship and innovation activities at the Centre for 17 years. Generations of student leaders will attest to his tremendous coaching abilities and leadership. Prior to his appointment, he was the Manager of Skills Development and Training with the SSBDC. He also teaches courses in entrepreneurship and innovation at the Sobey School.

The Saint Mary’s Business Development Centre is a leader in growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our region. Join us on April 19, 2018 for an exciting celebration announcing the next stage of our development. Save the date! More information will follow.

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