Who Should Attend the RISE Program

The retail sector is changing fast: Amazon has everyone on their toes. What do you need to know now, to ensure success in 5 years?

This program is designed to prepare your executive team: to ask the right questions, and hire the right skill-sets.

It is recommended that RISE participants have the ability to create change within their organizations. Participants in director level and senior leadership roles will find it most beneficial. Job titles may include C-level executive, vice president and director.

In some cases, high potential individuals in managerial roles can be considered. This program is appropriate for mid to large retailers.

Executive Development for the Team

Past participants have said how valuable it was to have more than one of their executives in attendance. RISE is both a team building and leadership development opportunity, which will get you all aligned on the topics and challenges facing retail today.

One company used RISE in place of their annual executive retreat:

“It (RISE) taught us to work through the innovation process as a team. We embraced the need to get scared out of our comfort zone and we all accomplished something together.” - Zlatan Fazlagić, CMO, Hillberg & Berk

The previous session was attended by:

  • Director, Category Management
  • Team Lead, Customer Strategy
  • District Manager
  • Executive team (including COO, CMO, CFO and VP Sales)
  • VP Real Estate
  • Executive Director

From national retailers focused on jewellery, pharmacy and grocery, as well as provincial liquor corporations.

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