Retail Innovation, Strategy & Excellence

The RISE Program is for Retail Executives

The retail environment is being disrupted by new technologies and business models, changes in demographics and preferences, and globalization. Retailers who are unable to respond to these disruptive forces are struggling.

Retail demands innovation across the value chain. The best-performing retailers ot only incorporate digital technologies and embrace omni-channel, but also create a culture of innovation and customer-centricity within their organizations.

  • How will retailing look like in 5 years? In 15 years?
  • Is your company ready and prepared for this future?
  • Are you, as a leader, ready to lead your organization through the change and transformation to a bright future?
  • Does your team have the skills to thrive in this rapidly changing retail landscape?

The Retail Innovation, Strategy & Excellence (RISE) program at the David Sobey Centre is designed to provide retail leaders with the skills, tools and insights to stay ahead of the curve. Instead of wondering what the future has in store, you can proactively shape the future.

In this immersive program, you will hear from experts and peers from a variety of retail companies. It will be a problem-based, experiential learning process. As part of the program, participants will develop an innovative solution to address a current challenge or an opportunity.

Join us April 19 - 24, 2020 at the Sobey School of Business in Halifax. You will be exposed to current ideas by thought leaders and subject matter experts, in a retail-focused program. 

Learning Outcomes

With RISE, you will gain knowledge, attitude and skills across a range of areas, which will enable you to plan for excellence in retail execution:

  • Understand the disruptive forces impacting the retail sector
  • Gain new perspectives into retail business models and innovation, and think about strategy through the lens of innovation
  • Demonstrate how to use data analytics to make evidence-based decisions, and improve retail operations and business performance
  • Learn frameworks and tools to build a customer-centric retail brand that incorporates digital strategies
  • Analyze strategic and operational retail challenges and formulate appropriate solutions
  • Develop greater personal awareness of leadership and decision-making style, and improve ability to work in, and lead teams
  • Identify and lead innovation and improvement opportunities
  • Develop both personal and company action plans focused on an innovation opportunity, which you can continue after the program

Innovation and change don’t happen without leadership. Invest in your team. Register now for RISE.



 “The Sobey RISE Program primed everyone who attended from our organization not to be afraid to innovate. We realized innovation is stressful, but essential and the program structure allowed everyone to think innovatively and consider what happens if you aren’t. No one wants to be THAT company!”

Zlatan Fazlagic, Chief Marketing Officer, Hillberg & Berk