RISE Program

June 20-25, 2022, Virtual


The RISE Program is for Retail Executives

The retail environment is being disrupted by new technologies and business models, changes in demographics and preferences, and globalization. Retailers who are unable to respond to these disruptive forces are struggling.

Retail demands innovation across the value chain. The best-performing retailers not only incorporate digital technologies and embrace omnichannel, but also create a culture of innovation and customer-centricity within their organizations.

The Retail Innovation, Strategy and Excellence (RISE) Program has been offered since 2015 with the purpose of helping retail executives develop those skills so that they can position their companies for success in the future. In 2022, RISE is more relevant than ever. Our research shows that some of the new consumer behaviours learned during the pandemic will stay. This in turn requires retailers to respond. RISE explores major opportunities for innovation, provides a framework for developing and implementing innovation, and develops personal skills needed to become champions of innovation.

In this immersive program, you will hear from experts and peers from a variety of retail companies. It is a problem-based, experiential learning process. As part of the program, participants will develop an innovative solution to address a current challenge or an opportunity.

View brochure for more info: RISE 2022 Brochure (Virtual Program)

Specifically, RISE aims to:

  • Enable participants to think about retail strategy through the lens of innovation 
  • Develop leadership and decision-making skills that will enable participants to become champions of innovation and change within their companies 
  • Provide hands-on experience in methodologies such as design thinking and customer journey mapping that can be applied in developing innovations
  • Develop the skills to leverage insights from data to support innovation decisions

When & Where

Join us in June for a 6-day intensive virtual program where you will be exposed to current ideas by thought leaders and subject matter experts, in a retail-focused environment. 

Date: June 20-25, 2022

Location: Virtual

Registration: Please contact DavidSobeyCentre@smu.ca for more info and for registration.

Innovation and change don’t happen without leadership. Invest in your team now!

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