RISE Program Topics & Schedule

Technology, intense competition, and changing customer demographics and preferences define today’s retail landscape. To prosper retailers need to become more customer-centric, build collaboration across organizational silos, and develop a culture of innovation and agility.

The executive leadership program, RISE, will develop your leadership skills and equip you with the knowledge and tools to be more innovative and competitive. Learn side-by-side with other retail executives, sharing ideas, experiences and “war stories”.

This unique program is enhanced by the thought-leading retail research being done at the David Sobey Centre. These researchers and other subject matter experts from industry will share their wisdom.

Retail-Focused Learning

This program is 100% retail focused. It uses action-based learning in a highly dynamic and interactive teaching environment. You will learn via:

  • case studies
  • role-playing and simulations
  • group and industry panel discussions
  • group project
  • TED Talks-style presentations
  • personal leadership assessment with personalized feedback sessions

Evenings include guest speakers, team activities and entertainment, as time permits.

RISE Program Day by Day


Strategic Thinking in a Changing Retail Environment

Sample Topics: trends and adaptations in the retail landscape, emerging business models, and competitive advantages


Retail Innovation: Creating a Culture of Innovation

Sample Topics: root causes of innovation gap, systematic approach to innovative thinking, how to be more responsive to market needs


Transformational Leadership

Sample Topics: leadership challenges for retail, developing ‘collaborative intelligence’, distance between head office and operations on the ground


Digital Strategies, Customer Experience and Retail Brand Building

Sample Topics: trends and drivers in consumer behaviour, optimize touch points in the customer experience, trends in digital, brand DNA model


Driving Value from Retail Analytics

Sample Topics: using analytics to drive value, leveraging analytics across functional silos, calculating ROI effectively


Excellence in Retail Execution

Sample Topics: organizational alignment, optimize omni-channel business processes


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“One of the benefits of the program was the breadth and depth of topics covered including retail innovation, strategy and marketing with a special emphasis on our own personal leadership capacity and results.”

- Barb Chapple, Manager, Quality Services, LCBO