Samuel Ayanlaja

Success: Internship with Nova Scotia Power as an Application Specialist.

  • From Nigeria
  • Background: 6.5 year's Work Experience; Master's in Computer Systems Management

Why did you choose the MTEI?

I wanted to learn the core skills needed to start, lead and grow a technology business. Even though I was looking for an MBA, MBA programs are not specifically designed for technology entrepreneurship. So when I found the MTEI program, it was a perfect fit.


What do you feel you got out of the MTEI?

The competitions! The CBMC, the Durland Innovation Fund Competition. It was a huge privilege to represent the MTEI program, SMU, and Canada at the International Business Model Competition at the Microsoft Headquarters in the US. I have also made great friends and partners.


What are you doing now and with what company?

I am presently working as an Application Specialist at Nova Scotia Power. I work with the T&D Operational Systems team. In my role, I provide functional and technical support for work and asset management applications throughout the company. Also, I have been tasked to lead an initiative to identify gaps in our current asset management operations and implement the change required ( people, process and system) to optimise the use of our asset management applications going forward. 


What do you want to do in the future?

I am working on a business idea that will streamline access to private secondary school education in Africa. I was in Nigeria last July for an on the ground customer and business model validation. Hopefully, as we get more traction and investment, we will move forward and implement the lessons learnt and launch in Q2 2017.


Any tips for future MTEIers?

One word: networking! If you're looking for a great internship, build your network! Go to as many networking events, career fairs, and talks as possible. The process of getting my role at NS Power started at lunch with friends!