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Jorge Luis Gonzalez Marcano

Positive attitude and una abundancia of gratitude

  • Major: Accounting and Finance
  • Positive attitude and hard work overcomes barriers to win a prestigious Frank H. Sobey Award for Excellence in Business Studies.

Updated: It was announced in May, 2017 that Jorge would receive the University Gold Medal for Highest Standing in the Bachelor of Commerce degree among graduates from the fall, winter and spring convocations of 2016-2017--a further testament to Jorge's commitment to hard work.


In early March, 2017, Jorge Gonzalez Marcano became one of two Sobey School of Business students to receive a prestigious $25,000 Frank H. Sobey Award.

Jorge demonstrates the power of a positive outlook and an attitude of gratitude in spite of challenges including language and cultural barriers and serious financial setbacks.

Imagine travelling thousands of miles at the age of 18 to start an education in a different country. You don’t know the language at all, and everything is strange – the food, the weather, the people. Jorge Gonzalez came to Canada from Venezuela with a big dream. He took six months to learn the language and then enrolled at the Sobey School of Business, majoring in Accounting and Finance.

He found the work hard, and with the language still challenging him, Jorge had to put in two or three times (or more) the amount of work other students might. The work paid off, as his GPA of 4.26 demonstrates. With the language barrier becoming easier, Jorge experienced his next setback – deteriorating economic conditions in Venezuela meant he could no longer rely on family support. He prepared to leave, but decided to see what other options he could muster. He acquired employment, working more than 20 hours per week in construction, retail and marking. He took the positions he could find and made the most of them. The family he was doing construction for became a benefactor, extending him a loan. He applied for and received several scholarships, bursaries and awards. And he set a goal of achieving the Frank H. Sobey Scholarship.

Jorge was accepted to the rigorous IMPACT team, which manages a real money fund of more than $450,000. The team is a demanding time commitment on top of his school and work, but he is still finding time to work with a fellow student to establish a Latin American Student Society.

Appropriate for a young man with aspirations to lead a global wealth management practice, Jorge is already planning a legacy scholarship for Saint Mary’s University students struggling with financial need. The ultimate expression of gratitude, after all, is to give back.