Boyce Campbell

Futures Fund Winner Shows Leadership Skills

  • From Charlottetown, Labrador
  • Majors: Economics (Honours) and Finance

Sobey School of Business student Boyce Campbell was recently awarded a 2017 Futures Fund Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership. Campbell is one of 10 university business students across Canada who have been recognized for their leadership in their academic and extra-curricular activities. Participating schools are chosen each year by Canada's Outstanding CEO of the Year, an oganization that also honours accomplished Canadian Chief Executive Officers. Student recipients are selected by their school's Dean's office based on their achievements and demonstrated leadership initiatives in their academic and extracurricular activities. Both graduate and undergraduate students in business degree programs are eligible.

The award program provides students with $7,500 grants to further their educational ambitions.

Here is a bit more about Boyce, in his own words.

What are the top 3 things you’ve done / achieved before Saint Mary’s that you’re proud of?

  • Completing the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Ship’s Team Diver course. Physically and mentally it was one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever faced. The six-week course has a fail-rate of well over 50% and despite many people politely trying to tell me that I was over-confident in my ability to complete the course, I also achieved the “top-student” status. 
  • Travelling around the world. I choose to join RCN after I graduated high school because I wanted to travel the world. In my nine years in the RCN I’ve travelled to every continent besides Antarctica. Someday I will check Antarctica off that list too!
  • I was part of a Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC) team in Afghanistan for seven months in 2010/2011.  We worked on multiple projects that helped build schools for girls, mosques, water wells, and other projects that the local Afghan people asked for.

What are the top 3 things you’ve done / achieved here that you’re proud of?

  • Was elected Co-president of Saint Mary’s University Indigenous Student’s Society. The society members and I have helped work with Saint Mary’s staff and faculty on multiple issues facing Indigenous students. One of the biggest achievements have been the formation of a job description for a full-time Indigenous Student Services position. We are hoping to have the job position fully completed and posted so that a successful candidate can be chosen and in position by the start of Fall semester 2017.
  • Was listed as Dean’s List student at the end of my first year. This, along with my extracurricular activities, helped me be selected to receive Canada’s Outstanding CEO of the Year Futures Fund Scholarship.
  • During my Spring/Summer following my first year at Saint Mary’s I completed a month abroad at Beijing Normal University-Zhuhai in Zhuhai China and also completed a six-week French-Immersion Program at University of Victoria in Victoria, BC.  

We say that our students “Make an Impact with Purpose” – what is the impact you hope to make in the world? What is the purpose, or the passion that drives you?

I want to help create a world where a person’s worth is not judged based on their sex, ethnicity, or any other physical characteristic. I want to create a world where a person’s worth is measured based on their contributions to others, their willingness to better themselves, and by their individual abilities. I plan on doing this by working closely with others, especially Indigenous youth, showcasing how our individual and collective experiences and differences serve as our strengths. I want to help others identify their skills, realize their potential, and help them shatter personal and social barriers.

It’s a regular Thursday night. What are you doing?

This has changed quite a bit since I’ve become a student. A regular Thursday night now is a toss up between finishing assignments, reviewing my previous week's schedule, preparing my schedule for the following week, studying, and other school related work, or a quiet night of reading a Malcolm Gladwell book or watching a movie with a friend. Nothing too wild!