BCOMM Peer Academic Support Program

The Peer Academic Support program or PAS program offers free peer academic support for undergraduate students for many of the Bachelor of Commerce core courses in the Sobey School of Business. The BComm Peer Academic Support (PAS) program strives to provide BComm students with a safe and inclusive environment to access free peer academic support  to build on and improve learning and academic confidence and skills.

The program is offered for students and delivered by students in the BComm program. 

Students can expect the following support offered by the PAS program:

How can the PAS Program help me?

The PAS program supports student academic success through free peer to peer support as well as modeling student behavior, and studying and learning skills. Students can attend Study Hall or Peer Academic Study Sessions (PASS) online or on-campus to get free academic support. Online sessions, program information, schedules, and student resources can be found on the BComm Peer Academic Support Brightspace

Peer Academic Leaders are students who have previously done well in the course and act as model students and facilitate the sessions in the program. A Peer Academic Leader works with students to increase their confidence and comprehension of important course concepts and help enhance student learning by modelling good study habits and encouraging students to learn from each other. Peer Academic Leaders do not re-teach or lecture, rather they help students learn study habits and how to study in the course. Peer academic support also encourages student success through connecting with peers in your program, learning good study habits and learning important skills to help with your success in the BComm program.

What courses can I get support for?

Currently, the BComm courses where support is offered include:

  • ACCT 2241 - Introductory Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 2242 - Introductory Managerial Accounting
  • ECON 1201 - Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON 1202 - Principles of Macroeconomics
  • MGSC 1205 - Quantitative Methods I
  • MGSC 1206 - Quantiative Methods II
  • MGSC 2207 - Introductory Statistics
  • FINA 2360 - Business Finance I
  • FINA 3361 - Business Finance II

How do I access more information the PAS Program?

A Brightspace course has been created to support the BComm PAS Program. All online sessions will be accessed through Zoom on Brightspace. The PAS Program is available for anyone to self register through the Discover heading on the SMU Brightspace homepage. Follow these instructions  to self register in an open course.

Peer Academic Coaching

Not sure how to plan and manage your time and all the deadlines ahead? Are you thinking you might make better use of your study time? Want some tips for tackling tests? Wanting support on how to balance your academic life with everything else going on in your life? 

BComm students can book a free appointment with our Peer Academic Success Coach. This is an opportunity to have a one-to-one session with another BComm student who has both experienced success in the BComm program and has awareness of what it is like to be a BComm student. 

Appointments may be booked through the BComm Advising website on the online booking system.

Students are invited to book an appointment for one of the following areas of support. 

  • Academic Coaching for Academic Wellness: Meet  to discuss your academic wellness. Academic wellness refers to your ability to manage academic workloads, setting challenging and healthy academic goals, and using resources to help you make decisions & succeed. 
  • Academic Coaching for Study Skills: Meet to discuss strategies to improve your study skills, organization and other important academic skills for BComm students. 
  • Academic Coaching for Time Management: Time Management is often a key part of student's success.  Meet  to discuss resources, strategies for time management.  Work to develop a personalized approach to managing your schedule and priorities. This session will help your learn skills to manage your time and develop an effective study routine and plan. 

What will I find on the BComm PAS Program Brightspace?

Students will find the following on Brightspace:

  • PAS Program Information
  • PAS Schedules
  • Links to Zoom Meetings for each course throughout the week. These can be found in the upcoming events or Zoom heading on menu.
  • BComm Core Course Resources such as videos and other supplementary information
  • Peer Academic Success Coaching information
  • Peer Academic Leader Profiles
  • BComm Academic Success Sessions
  • BComm Academic Success Student Resources
  • Resources for academic and personal support at SMU.

How do I become a Peer Academic Leader?

About the role:

Peer Academic Leaders provide academic support to undergraduate students in various formats inclduing guided peer academic study sessions and drop-in one-on-one tutoring offered via Virtual Study Halls. All formats will be held on a virtual platform in Fall 2020-Winter 2021 academic year.

As a Peer Academic Leader, you will work with students to increase their confidence and comprehension of important course concepts and help enhance student learning by modelling good study habits and encouraging students to learn from each other. Some examples of providing academic support include assignment review, practice problems, problem solving strategies, test preparation, and encouraging independent learning.

Peer Academic Leader positions are merit-based, and students are compensated for their time and effort via an hourly wage. Peer Academic Leaders are expected to work, on average, four hours a week with sometime required to prepare for group study sessions. Training will be provided for Peer Academic Leaders to help them understand the role, how to use the technology required, and how to interact with students.  

Why become a Peer Academic Leader?

Becoming a Peer Academic Leader in the BComm program can provide students with the opportunity to: 

  • Support a positive teaching and learning experience for your peers.
  • Receive training in student leadership and peer support. 
  • Develop and enhance your leadership skills and grow your CV. 
  • Support and participate in the Sobey School of Business community. 
  • Apply your skills and knowledge in a learning environment. 
  • Engage with faculty and professional staff in a meaningful way.

Am I qualified?

Peer Academic Leader positions are typically assigned to current undergraduate students within the program.  They will need to have completed and normally achieved a minimum grade of A- in the courses that they assist and have an overall CGPA of a 3.50 or higher.

How to apply:

Students can apply for Peer Academic Leader positions using the link below:

Peer Academic Leader Application Form *Currently recruiting for the 22-23 academic year. Deadline to apply is July 8, 2022. 

*Applying does not guarantee a Peer Academic Leader position. Successful candidates will be contacted.  Applicants will need to use their Saint Mary’s University email to apply.

Have a question or concern?

Email sobey.bcomm@smu.ca