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Take advantage of every opportunity- Meghan Brodmann

Date Published: June 1, 2020

Meghan Brodmann, CLE CoordinatorMeghan Brodmann graduated last month with a Sobey MBA. She  has become well known to the staff and faculty of Sobey School for her valued contributions to our Strategic Planning process as well as the work of the Centre for Leadership Excellence. She is one of the steering committee contributing to the Women in Business event being planned for the fall (along with fellow MBA Steph Moffatt and MTEI graduate Holly Foxall). 

She has contributed in so many ways, we had to ask her about what inspired her to take on so much:


How would you describe yourself?

One would think that it’s easy to describe yourself, yet I find myself struggling. I gravitate towards the idea that I am someone who is overly ambitious and thrive when I have multiple projects on the go (I have a hard time saying no). I love being involved in my community and challenging myself to try new things. I am passionate about the issues I see and creating positive change in the world, particularly when it comes to empowering women and pushing for more sustainable business practices. Yet despite my desire to always have something on the go, I cherish those moments when I get to enjoy some quiet time, such as reading or going for a hike.

What brought you to Saint Mary’s and the Sobey MBA program?

After completing my undergraduate degree, I did what many young people do and spent the next year and a half travelling and working in the restaurant industry. As fun as that life was, I always knew that it wasn’t what I had envisioned for myself in the long-term. After returning from one of my trips, I was given the opportunity to work in a start-up, which very quickly led me to the realization that the next step for me was doing my MBA. I was excited by all of the possibilities and opportunities in the world of business and knew that to get my foot in the door, I needed more education. Looking back, it’s interesting to note that it was never really a choice; I knew that if I was going to do my MBA, it would be at the Sobey School of Business, so when I applied to the program, it was an all or nothing moment for me. Luckily, that decision ended up being a positive one.

What is your favourite memory / experience of your time at SMU?

One of the most memorable experiences was definitely my cohort’s international exchange trip to Finland and Estonia. I have many fond memories of being immersed in a different culture with my classmates and the experiences we had together. We were able to visit a variety of local businesses and learn about the innovative ideas and practices they had. In addition to the educational component, we were of course also able to enjoy lots of local food and even took part in a cooking class.

While the international trip was certainly a highlight, I’m not sure I have one exact favourite memory at my time at SMU. I loved connecting with my classmates and learning from them, both inside and outside of the classroom. I enjoyed the time spent planning events and workshops with the MBA society, as well as connecting with students from other graduate programs. I also appreciated the time I was able to spend with various professors working on research projects and pushing myself academically.

What inspired you to take such an active role: President of MBA Society, executive of Net Impact, working at CLE, contributing to Strategic Planning, research with Dr. Wendy Carroll, Women in Business Conference Steering Committee etc?

When I was accepted into the Sobey MBA program, I made a commitment to myself that I would take advantage of every opportunity for learning and new experiences that came my way. Naturally, this meant that I took on a variety of different roles and projects throughout the program. I also very quickly realized I enjoyed taking on these different roles and connecting with people, whether it was students, faculty or staff, from different parts of the university. Being a part of these projects allowed me to actively use what I learned in the program in positions such as President of the MBA Society and Coordinator of the Centre for Leadership Excellence. I enjoyed being able to contribute positively to the SMU community and it was also through many of these projects that I reignited my passion for social and environmental sustainability, which had gone slightly astray during my two year break between university degrees.

During my time at SMU, I also had the opportunity to work closely with a few of my professors as a research assistant and coordinator for the Centre for Leadership Excellence. Prior to doing my MBA, I hadn’t considered academic research as an area that I was particularly passionate about. I was largely inspired to take on an active research role by two of my professors, Dr. Wendy Carroll and Dr. Chantal Hervieux. They gave me the opportunity to find a love for academia (something I never thought I would say) and ignited a dream to further pursue my PhD in the future.

Even though I recently graduated, I am still part of the steering committee for the Women in Business conference set to take place in October 2020, and I hope to continue to stay engaged with the SMU Community as an alumni.

What are your future aspirations?

If you were to ask some of my colleagues from the MBA program what I hope my future looks like, I’m sure you would get at least five different answers. I’ve always struggled to identify what my future career looks like and where I can contribute the most. Yet over the past several months, this uncertainty has transformed into a more defined path, one that I am really excited to be on. I have found a passion and love for working in the social enterprise sector; it is a space that allows me to contribute to society in a meaningful way and I’ve come to realize this is the area I want to work in. I mentioned earlier that I am overly ambitious and in that spirit, I hope to fundamentally change the way traditional business is done to become not only more sustainable, but an inclusive space that gives back to society in a positive way.

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