MBA (CPA Stream) Application Process

The following are the steps that you will need to follow to apply to the Sobey MBA (CPA Stream). If at any point, you have questions, please feel welcome to contact the MBA office: or call 420-5729. Before you apply:

1. Ensure that you have the prerequisite courses.

Check your undergraduate courses against the CPA prerequisite requirements (CPA Prerequisite Equivalencies List). CPA PREP equivalent, with a C+ minimum grade, and B average.

2. Select three references.

Referees (3) should be professional or academic contacts who can judge the applicant’s suitability for graduate work and leadership potential. Friends and relatives should not be asked to write reference letters. Collect the referees' name, address and contact information to enter on your application form. Please provide this recommendation form to your referees and ask them to submit their references directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research. See address below.

3. Update your resume.

Provide current and detailed information. Indicate job title, name of employer, duration of job, nature of responsibilities and contribution made to the employer; education; extra-curricular achievements; volunteer experience and skills. A chronological resume is preferred. This information can be copied and pasted into the electronic application form, step 1 below. Students should normally have a minimum of two years business-related work experience, which can include summer and co-op work. Before entering the program, students must normally be working full-time in an appropriate accounting-related position or have a contract for such future employment.

Application and additions

1. Complete the online application form for graduate studies at Saint Mary’s University.

Enter referee contact information (from number 2, above) in the application form. You will be required to submit a non-refundable application fee of $110.00 at the time you submit your application electronically.

2. Provide transcripts.

An official transcript from each post-secondary institution where courses or programs were taken is required. These include completed or incomplete degrees or diplomas, upgrading courses and professional certificates. Contact the institution and have them send transcripts directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research. See address below. Applicants may provide transcripts themselves only in the case where the transcripts have been sealed and signed by the issuing institution.

3. Provide Language Proficiency Proof (if required)

Students whose native language is not English must submit an official English language proficiency score. (Note: 0958 is the appropriate TOEFL code for the Sobey MBA Program at Saint Mary’s University).

4. Prepare Supplementary Information

See the FGSR checklist of required supplementary material. Complete the letter of intent, short written essays and short answer questions, as required. These are completed separate from the online application and sent directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research. See address below.

5. To be eligible for an Entrance Scholarship ($2000), accepted qualified student applications need to be submitted and completed by June 1, 2019.


6. Apply to Professional Association

Students must become candidates of CPA Nova Scotia or another provincial CPA association once acceptance is confirmed and must register with CPA Atlantic School of Business.


For additional information on the Sobey MBA (CPA Stream) please feel free to contact the Graduate Programs Recruitment Office 902.420.5010 ( or David Bateman – 902-420-5623 (

Please Send All Application Materials To:

Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research
Atrium Suite 210
Saint Mary’s University
923 Robie Street
Halifax, NS B3H 3C3