Course descriptions

2270 Introduction to Marketing

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisite: MGMT 1281, and ECON 1201

Students are introduced to the basic marketing tools - segmentation, positioning, product, price, distribution, and promotion. Marketing research, buyer behaviour, planning, marketing in a global setting, and the relationship between marketing and society are also introduced. Teaching methods include lecture, current readings, videos, class exercises and case analysis.

3375 International Marketing

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisite: MKTG 2270.

Students explore the economic, cultural, political, and legal aspects of international marketing, together with international product policy, distribution, pricing, and promotion. International consumerism, research, and management issues are also addressed.

3376 Consumer Behaviour

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisite: MKTG 2270

Students gain an understanding of the social, cultural, and psychological factors influencing consumer behaviour and of the implications of consumer behaviour to marketing strategies. Topics include consumers’ needs, attitudes, learning, decision making, consumption patterns, cultures, and life styles. 

3378 Marketing Research

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisite: MGSC 2207 and  MKTG 2270.

Students are introduced to applied marketing research. Topics include preparation and evaluation of research proposals, evaluation of secondary data, design of research instruments, sampling, data collection, data analysis using statistical packages, and preparation and evaluation of research reports.

Note: Students may substitute one of BIOL 3308, EGNE 2309, GEOG 3326, MATH 1216, PSYC 2350, or CRIM 3102 in lieu of MGSC 2207.

3379 Marketing Management

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisite: MKTG 2270, ACCT 2242, and COMM 2293.

The objective of this course is to better equip students with the necessary analytic and communication skills to succeed as marketing managers. The focus is on practical applications. Course activities may include discussions, case analyses, simulation games, secondary research and field research projects. The course focuses on skill development and on integration of all decision areas in marketing.

4462 Services Marketing

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisite: MKTG 3379 and COMM 2293.

Students will be exposed to conceptual and managerial issues in the marketing of services. Topics include marketing and service organizations, service-quality management, service marketing mix, marketing strategies for profit and non-profit service organizations, international and emerging perspectives on service marketing. Students will develop strategies for specific service areas such as health care or tourism.

4471 Integrated Marketing Communications

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisite: MKTG 3379 and COMM 2293.

Students study models of interpersonal and mass communications and the various promotional crafts: advertising, sales promotion, publicity, public relations, and personal selling, with a focus on integrating these into a coherent communications strategy. Marketing communications implications inherent in product pricing, design, packaging, and distribution are also examined. 

4473 Management of Marketing Channels

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisite: MKTG 3379 and COMM 2293

Students examine the complex path from manufacturer or producer to end-user: the structure of marketing channels, the responsibilities of each member, the factors affecting channel effectiveness, the methods for developing and managing effective channel relationships.

4474 Personal Selling and Sales Management

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisite: MKTG 3379 and COMM 2293.

Students study the theories and skills required for effective personal selling; for recruiting, training, compensating, and motivating sales personnel; and for managing the total selling effort.

4478 Retail Management

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisite: MKTG 3379 and COMM 2293.

Students undertake a comprehensive study of the activities involved in retailing goods and services to consumers. Topics include the evolution of retailing, shopping behaviour, retail marketing strategies, and emerging trends.

4479 Marketing Policy

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisites: MKTG 3379 and COMM 2293

Students integrate the material learned in the prerequisite, upper-division marketing courses to analyze marketing opportunities, develop and evaluate marketing strategies, and develop and evaluate marketing plans.

Teaching methods include case analyses, field projects, and/or computer simulation games.

4495 Business Consultancy

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisite: COMM 2293 and MKTG 3379 (which may be taken concurrently) and permission of instructor.

This course allows students to gain business experience by working for clients of the Saint Mary’s University Business Development Centre.

Student groups receive a project proposal outlining the requirements, information needs, and services they will provide the client during the semester.  Projects generally take the form of a business plan, market study, or other business-related function and often involve financial projections.  Each project provides students an opportunity to use skills learned in business courses and to understand the interrelationship between marketing, accounting, finance, and management in a practical business setting.  Under supervision, students prepare a professional report and final presentation that communicate the project’s results for the client.

Work groups often include students from different business disciplines and are assigned based upon the needs of the project.  Groups schedule their preferred meeting times but are required to meet a minimum of three hours each week. For more information see

Internship.  1 semester.

4826 – 4849 Special Topics/Seminars in Marketing

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisite: COMM 2293 and MKTG 3379.

Students have the opportunity for in-depth study of selected topics in marketing. Topics selected for discussion are at the discretion of the instructor, with approval of the Department. Issues to be discussed may include such topics as marketing productivity, marketing auditing, marketing models, social issues in marketing. Topics will vary from year to year. The course may be repeated for credit hours when topics vary.

4876 – 4899 Directed Study

3.0 credit hours

Prerequisite: COMM 2293 and permission of Chairperson and instructor.

Intended to supplement or provide an alternative to the regular marketing courses in order to meet the special needs and interests of students, the course provides an opportunity to study a particular subject in detail and requires from the students some measure of independence and initiative.