Consulting & Other Services

We support business through offering professional, high quality consulting services and business training and workshops. We also offer specialty services to First Nations.


The Sobey School Business Development Centre employs a team of experienced and professional consultants with a breadth of experience. The business consulting team offers consulting services that deliver comprehensive and strategic services to clients.

We serve clients in a wide range of industries, at varying stages in their growth cycles. From start up to franchising, we will help you at every stage.

Business Training and Workshops

We believe strongly that leveraging the strong expertise and research of the Sobey School of Business faculty in combination with a new and fresh perspective of the students results in unique, comprehensive, up-to-date, relevant training programs designed to maximize business success in the 21st century.

The majority of our business workshops and training seminars are developed on an ongoing basis throughout the year. This year-round flexibility enables us to effectively and efficiently develop relevant and up-to-date programs based on the current needs and trends of the Nova Scotia business community.

First Nations

We have extensive experience working with First Nations groups, and can offer business expertise and guidance in:

  • Health Planning
  • Community Leadership
  • Market Research
  • Economic Development
  • Integrated Marketing

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