Featured Researchers

Featured Researchers

Sobey PhD (Management) Cohorts

PhD Classroom 2018 (Wendy Carroll & Students)

Our PhD students are absolutely essential in the fabric of our research culture. With the guidance of PhD Program Director Dr. Albert Mills and many of our skilled full time faculty, these students are deepening and pushing the boundaries of our understanding of business in general, and our region in particular; and in addition, are demonstrating the way that ideas in practice serve to change, enhance and improve business culture over time.

Dr. Albert Mills describes the impact of the work of these students:

"Among the various activities underway, we have students and graduates working together on three important and interrelated activities - the Nova Scotia wine industry, Nova Scotia museums as a field of enquiry, and the Atlantic Schools of Business. In the latter regard, the impact is both in terms of documenting the history of the association as well as playing a role in developing and maintaining the association. The underlying ideas include a focus on history that, when applied, can assist a) the fledgling NS wine industry, in term of such things as marketing, b) the province to brand/rebrand our province's image through its museum presentations and strategy, and c) management education that is pertinent to the socio-economic growth of the Atlantic region as a whole. This is not simply about direct links (e.g., PhD students undertaking some of this work), which are important, but also about impact through our graduates who translate ideas (e.g., the importance of history) into practice (e.g., Terrance Weatherbee and the wine industry; Gabie Durepos and the Museums Association; Amy Thurlow and the ASB history; Tony Yu and the maintenance of ASB)."

Each year in June, the PhD program hosts an International Doctoral Consortium, bringing cutting edge researchers and thinkers in the areas of critical management studies and other select management topics from around the world to meet in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

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Dr. Michael Zhang

Dr. (Michael) Xiaoo Zhang is a researcher in Management Science. He is one of four team members with a $2.5 million research project looking at the impact of disorders like autism, anorexia and depression on individuals, the community and existing services in place in Atlantic Canada. He is also actively conducting research for the Transitions Mental Health program. For more information on Transitions, visit teenmentalhealth.org. This project is a partnership with Dalhousie University researcher Dr. Stan Kutcher and other partners. Dr. Zhang's research will have a positive impact on the lives of youth with mental disorders and the health care system in the Atlantic Region. [Review Dr. Zhang's profile.]

Dr. Chantal Hervieux

Social enterprise / social entrepreneurship and leadership are the driving themes of Dr. Chantal Hervieux's research practice. As head of the Centre for Leadership Excellence, she is organizing the 1st International Conference on Leadership and Diversity. The conference addresses the issues behind diversity in leadership roles, through critical debates and discussions. Themes at the conference include sustainability, innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship. [Review Dr. Hervieux's profile]

Dr. Shyamala Sivakumar

With a background in Engineering, Dr. Sivakumar's research interest areas include artificial neural networks, signal processing, speech processing, internetworking technology for e-education, and e-commerce applications, quality of service and pricing issues in networks, wireless sensor networks, body area networks. Her systems-based perspective is pushing technology boundaries, with implications in artifical intelligence, computer & communication networks and more. [Review Dr. Shyamala Sivakumar's profile]