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Highlighting student and alumni entrepreneurial achievements this fall

Date Published: December 10, 2019


Bloxo Inc. is a mobile and web-based platform that simplifies the process of organizing and participating in sports, by connecting organizers, players and facilities. The company addresses the difficulty of finding and booking a sports facility, and then finding players to join in and help pay for it. Its app allows people to book a field, organize a game, and get players to pay electronically before the game even starts. It has signed up 1,000 early adopters who have played 250 games and is in talks with more sports organizations.

Clean Catch Baits  

Congratulations to Clean Catch Baits for winning $5,000 in the first round of the Innovacorp Blue-Green Challenge 2019! Clean Catch Baits are making 100% biodegradable, plastic-free fishing lures. This business is run by a team of 5 SMU students; Guillermo Villarreal De Lara, Katherine Vanzutphen, Craig Retson, Robel Berhane, and Johnathan LePage-Billard. Clean Catch Baits has been continuing to hustle since winning the $5,000. Guillermo took part in The Spark Zone Fall Pitch Competition Last Friday, coming in 2nd place, and winning another $300, and recently also was awarded $1000 from a microfund set up by the Saint Mary's University Entrepreneurship Centre. Keep up the great work, Clean Catch Baits! For more information on Clean Catch Baits and to stay up to date on their progress and product development check out their website!

Easy Ocean Tech

Luting Zhang is an MTEI Candidate.  Her winning submission is Easy Ocean Tech.  She was co-founder and CFO of Guangzhou Watercolor Ocean Technology Ltd. in China,  (she left the company in 2018) and she is founder of Karner International Group (HK) Ltd.  Easy Ocean Tech provides professional instruments that are easy to use, allowing for the collection of big data for monitoring, supervision, research, governance, and rehabilitation of the ocean.

Smooth Meal Prep

Smooth Meal Prep is committed to growing and bringing healthy meals and a healthy lifestyle to a large number of Canadians. Their team consists of chefs, fitness enthusiasts, and content creators brought together by family ties and entrepreneurial values. Saint Mary's own Nevell Provo is a nationally recognized athlete. Smooth Meal Prep has been awarded a $1000 microfund from SMUEC and was recently profiled on the cover of Business Voice, the Chamber of Commerce magazine.

Fall Pitch Competition

This past Friday The Spark Zone hosted the Fall Pitch Competition here on Campus. There were 13 businesses and business ideas being pitched. Of those 13, three came out on top winning a total of $1,000 between them. Pictured above are the three winners from left to right, Mubdu Alali from Bloxo ( 1st Place, he won $500 ), Guillermo Villarreal from Clean Catch Baits ( 2nd Place, he won $300 ), and Konstantyn Volotka from Louer ( 3rd Place, he won $200 )!

Ashored Wins at MassChallenge! 

Congratulations to Ashored Innovations who took home $75k USD (equity-free) in the MassChallenge Boston competition! This is an amazing accomplishment for Sobey School alumni, Ross Arsenault, Maxwell Poole, and Aaron Stevenson.  Read more.

Atlantic Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards

Bloxo, Smooth Meal Prep and Ashored were among the winners of the Atlantic Regionals, with Ross Arsenault of Ashored progressing to the national round. Read more.

Milk Moovement's Forsythe in Top 30 Under 30 Innovators

Robert Forsythe, who is a current MBA student, and Jon King are revolutionizing the dairy industry, making it easier for everyone from farm to lab to track milk's quality and quantity as it heads for your cereal bowl. They're #30under30 #innovators from Newfoundland and Labrador. Read more.

Brad Rodgers, MTEI, named CEO of BlueLight Analytics

Congratulations goes out to Brad Rodgers, who was a graduate of our first cohort of the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation program in 2014. Brad brings deep analytics understanding and an innovation mindset to his new leadership role at the dental technology company. 
Read the full story at the Entrevestor site: BlueLight Names Brad Rodgers CEO.

Simplycast Turns 10

Simplycast CEO Saeed El-Darahali, MBA'04 BSc'02 was pleased to celebrate 10 years of his company's success in September of this year. Simplycast has hired many Saint Mary's graduates and we have been fortunate to have Saeed give back to the school through his involvement in our strategic planning group and the Dean's Advisory Council. 

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