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Enactus Saint Mary's Squares Off at Nationals

Date Published: May 17, 2018

Enactus Saint Mary's Square Roots program was showered with praise and awards on the opening night of Enactus Nationals. They finished the week in the top four.

The national exposition and presentations are an annual highlight in the Enactus year. Saint Mary's Enactus have finished in the top four for the last six years. 

Square Roots is a food security program, originally established in 2016 with Options Youth participants Mikel Kelsie and Cortrell Thomas from Uniacke Square. Since its inception, the program has delivered affordable fresh produce boxes/bags in partnership with Annapolis Valley farmers.  This year, Square Roots expanded to include the Token Program, offering a way to provide a healthy meal to those in need. 

On Tuesday night, Enactus Saint Mary's won the McCain Partnership which will invest $20,000 into Square Roots to help the business grow for the coming year. In addition, Hellman’s named Square Roots the best food insecurity project Canada for the second year in a row. and the Business Development Bank of Canada awarded the team the Best Entrepreneurship Project in Canada.

On Wednesday, Enactus Saint Mary's took third in the country in the Green Ecoliving topic competition. In the semi-final round, they bested Memorial, the reigning world champions. The team finished in the top four with Lambton College taking the top spot.



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