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New Product Competition 2015/16

Date Published: March 31, 2016

New Product Competition - March 31st 2016 

The New Product Competition was set up as a partnership between the Spark Zone, David Sobey Centre for Innovation in Retailing and Services, and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. The competition focused on giving students in Halifax the opportunity to create physical products from their ideas. 

The goals of the competition were to:

  1. Provide students with the opportunity to innovate and become entrepreneurial thinkers
  2. Create awareness around product innovation
  3. Launch successful prototypes
  4. Give students the opportunity to start a physical product based business

Students created products that fit under the “student life” category and solved a need that students readily face. The SSBDC facilitated and delivered covering topics in marketing, research, lean methodology, rapid prototyping, human centered design, drawing and computer aided design.  

Competitors, judges and organizers of the New Product Competition


On March 31, 2016, four finalist teams pitched their new product minimum viable products to a crowd of 80 people. Each team was allotted a 10 minute pitch and 3 minutes for questions and answers. The voting consisted of a mix of crowd voting, judge scorecards and signing up potential customers. The results of the competition are as follows:

  1. Venus Vase
  2. Smart Bottle
  3. Super Lanyard
  4. Speed

The first place team, Venus Vase received $5,000 in cash and $5,000 in-kind services. The Sobey School of Business Development Centre will continue to work with the Venus Vase to help the team meet its goals. 

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