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IBM/Sobey Retail Hackathon 2015/16

Date Published: October 2, 2015

IBM/Sobeys Retail Hackathon 2015

(Halifax) IBM, in partnership with Sobeys Inc., offered university students a chance to win $9,000 in prizes and entry to a $15,000 design thinking workshop in a hackathon that kicked off at Saint Mary’s University on October 2.
Participants at the IBM/Sobeys Hackathon tutorial
More than an academic exercise, this hackathon gave students access to real, anonymized retail transaction data provided by Sobeys as well as tutorials on IBM tools such as Bluemix and Watson. Teams had a week to solve a business challenge and design a software solution. Final presentations were held on October 9th. 
Five finalists were selected by a panel of industry experts.
Dr. Pawan Lingras, Director, M.Sc. in Computing and Data Analytics instructing students at the IBM/Sobey Hackathon 2015.
Hosted by the Master of Science (MSc) in Computing & Data Analytics program at Saint Mary’s University, the IBM Hackathon was sponsored by the David Sobey Centre for Innovation in Retailing and Services. 

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