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We specialize in developing leaders and their teams. Build your organization's ability to innovate, cope with and thrive through change, and understand the importance of current retail realities like analytics and AI.





RISE (Retail Innovation, Strategy & Excellence) Program

RISE is the David Sobey Centre's flagship executive education program

The retail environment is being disrupted by new technologies and business models, changes in demographics and preferences, and globalization. Retailers who are unable to respond to these disruptive forces are struggling. 

RISE 2022 is about helping retailers envision a bold future and providing participants the frameworks, skills and knowledge needed to bring that vision to life.

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View brochure here: RISE 2022 Brochure (Virtual Program)


 “The David Sobey Centre RISE Program primed everyone who attended from our organization not to be afraid to innovate. We realized innovation is stressful but essential and the program structure allowed everyone to think innovatively and consider what happens if you aren’t. No one wants to be THAT company!”

~ Zlatan Fazlagic, Chief Marketing Officer, Hillberg & Berk



Category Management Certificate Program

This Certificate Program is ideal for Category Managers at small to medium size retailers who are looking to hone the necessary skills to deliver better outcomes for their business. The program offers a comprehensive approach to embed discipline into your daily routine with eight engaging sessions taught by leading industry experts.

Our next program date is TBA. Please check back for updates.

View brochure here: Category Management Program Brochure


“Very engaging course. It is applicable to any business and professional, whether experienced or new. Great reminder on how to leverage the resources to be successful and how to apply it to grow our businesses. Thank you for doing that for us.”

~ Jamie Desranleau, Director of Merchandising, Peavy Industries LP



Enroll your departments in a custom program that is thoughtfully tailored to fit the needs of your company. Our seasoned, industry expert instructors will go above and beyond to work with you to determine your organization's needs and develop a custom program based on their analysis and meetings with your executives. 


Category Management - Custom Program

Our Custom Category Management Program is designed to meet the specific training needs of your Category Management Team. The program offers a comprehensive approach to embed discipline into daily routines with engaging sessions taught by leading industry experts.

View brochure here: Category Management Custom Program Brochure


"Mark and the David Sobey Centre team did a great job on Category Management Training for the Northgate organization. They took the time to learn about the Northgate stores and our competition. And importantly they also learned our culture. The training was highly effective and well-received because of the team's willingness to customize the syllabus to reflect the “Northgate Way.”

Our organization is committed to adopting the Category Management principles that Mark and the DSC team put forth. I am confident that our organization will have accelerated success due to this training."

~ Dan Jones, Sr. Director, Strategic Pricing & Data Integrity, Northgate Markets



Leadership Skills for Store Managers - Custom Program

The objective of the program is to develop the personal leadership and decision-making skills of store managers to help them become more effective in their roles. Store managers who are highly successful, think strategically, get the best out of their staff, and utilize data and technology to make evidence-based decisions. This program will develop the leadership and decision-making skills of store managers (and district managers).

View brochure here: Leadership Skills for Store Managers Custom Program



Customized Retail Team Education

Are you looking for something tailored to your company or industry's unique needs? Contact us. We are happy to create a program that will boost your team's skills, connections to each other, and abilities to innovate and cope with change. Email 

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