Retail Education

Retail Education

We specialize in developing leaders and their teams. Build your organization's ability to innovate, cope with and thrive through change, and understand the importance of current retail realities like analytics and AI.

June 1-24, 2021

Category Management Certificate Program

This Certificate Program is ideal for Category Managers at small to medium size retailers who are looking to hone the necessary skills to deliver better outcomes for their business. The program offers a comprehensive approach to embed discipline into your daily routine with eight engaging sessions taught by leading industry experts.

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June 2020

Rise Again Retail: Retail Innovation, Strategy and Excellence in a Pandemic

RISE Again Retail is a virtual executive education program designed to help retail executives navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic and to enable retail companies to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

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Retail Innovation, Strategy & Excellence 2020

Retail Executive Education Program

The retail environment is being disrupted by new technologies and business models, changes in demographics and preferences, and globalization. Retailers who are unable to respond to these disruptive forces are struggling. If you are leader in retail, explore what RISE can offer you!

 “The Sobey RISE Program primed everyone who attended from our organization not to be afraid to innovate. We realized innovation is stressful, but essential and the program structure allowed everyone to think innovatively and consider what happens if you aren’t. No one wants to be THAT company!”

Zlatan Fazlagic, Chief Marketing Officer, Hillberg & Berk

Customized Retail Team Education 

Are you looking for something tailored to your company or industry's unique needs? Contact us. We are happy to create a program that will boost your team's skills, connections to each other, and abilities to innovate and cope with change. Email or call 902-496-8272.

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