Research Summaries


Each year, the David Sobey Centre funds faculty research pertaining to retail. Below are research summaries of some of the completed projects.


Dr. Kevin Kelloway

Daily Practice of Transformational Leadership Helps Companies Earn Customer Loyalty

"Leading to Customer Loyalty: A Daily Test of the Service-Profit Chain"

How do daily leadership behaviours in a service-based business affect employee engagement and, consequently, customer satisfaction and loyalty?

View Here: Kelloway Research Summary

Dr. Ethan Pancer

“Greening” Packaging May Confuse Consumers if Not Done Carefully

"Isolated Environmental Cues and Product Efficacy Penalties: The Colour Green and Eco-Labels"

Could some environmentally friendly packaging and labeling be leading consumers to perceive eco-friendly products as inferior to regular products?

View Here: Pancer Summary

Dr. Claudia De Fuentes

Exporting May be Key to Unlocking Innovation

"Exploring Innovation and Export Interplay in Canadian Firms"

How does a company's performance as an exporter relate to its ability to innovate? Do companies that engage in innovation also engage in more exports?

View Here: De Fuentes Summary

Dr. Hai Wang

New Algorithm Allows E-tailers to Maximize Profits by Personalizing Discounts to Individual Shoppers

"Online Pricing with Bundling and Coupon Discounts" How can e-tailers personalize pricing strategies in real-time so as to make the most profit from offering customized bundle discounts and instant coupons?

View Here: Wang Summary

Dr. Catherine Loughlin

Status and Trust Key to the Performance of Age-Diverse Work Groups

“The moderating effects of status and trust on the performance of age-diverse work groups”

How can employers create conditions that will promote high performance in age-diverse teams?

View Here: Loughlin Summary


Dr. Abdul-Rahman Khokhar

"Wealth Effects of Retail Store Closure Announcements"

How do store closures influence stock prices and company value?

View Here: Khokhar Summary


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