David Sobey Centre in the Media

The David Sobey Centre in the News

Dec. 7, 2020 - Dr. Ramesh Venkat, Director of the David Sobey Centre, spoke to the Canadian Press on the closures of Canadian retail stores as a result of the pandemic. The story appeared in news outlets across Canada, including the National Post (via Financial Post). 



Feb 13, 2020 - Dr. Ramesh Venkat was featured in an engaging discussion on the Retail Insider Podcast hosted by Craig Patterson, Editor-In-Chief & Founder, Retail Insider. The conversation topics included Canadian retail challenges, how the customer has changed over the last decade, how AI is being integrated into Canadian retail and other trending retail topics.





Dr. Ramesh Venkat spoke to CBC on the impact of the pending opening of an IKEA store in Dartmouth Crossing.



IBM Retail Hackathon, sponsored by the David Sobey Centre for Innovation in Retailing and Services, is generating a buzz in the media.



Dr. Venkat, Director of the David Sobey Centre, spoke to the Atlantic Business Magazine regarding issues facing small retailers in Halifax. 



The closure of Target stores led to media seeking comment of the David Sobey Centre's director, Dr. Ramesh Venkat:

CTV Video Clip: http://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=533046&binId=1.1145463&playlistPageNum=3

CTV Written story: http://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/target-s-departure-leaves-malls-with-hole-to-fill-1.2193187


Dr. Ramesh Venkat spoke on CTV Atlantic about the recent closure of Future Shop:

CTV Video Clip: http://www.bnn.ca/Video/player.aspx?vid=580269


The David Sobey Centre for Innovation in Retailing and Services was formally launched on March 10,  2015. Below are some media reports on this significant event. 


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