About Us


The David Sobey Centre for Innovation in Retailing and Services is supported by a generous gift from David Sobey, Chairman Emeritus Empire Company Limited.

The David Sobey Centre is the leading source of expertise in retailing. Our three primary areas of focus are:

* Research - we fund and support research that is relevant to the retail sector
* Innovation - we sponsor and support innovation that will bring greater efficiency and open new opportunities for retailers
* Education - we offer executive education programs - both open enrollment and custom programs - for retailers

The David Sobey Centre researchers come from various disciplines within the business school as well as other areas such as engineering, psychology, computing and geography.

To fulfill our mandate, we bring together researchers, students and retailers. We work with retailers on research projects, case studies, hackathons, innovation projects and consulting projects. Graduate and undergraduate students participate in or contribute to these projects.

Our goal is to help build a stronger and more vibrant retail sector in Canada.


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