Governance in Co-operatives

Participatory, People-Centred, and Democratic

Join us in an exploration of co-operative governance structures, processes, and dynamics that embrace participatory forms of democracy, respect and promote human dignity, support democratic decision-making, and contribute to value creation and equitable distribution of benefit.

Learn more about our activities:

An international research initiative through 2022 is generating partnerships, publications, courses, and a 2021 symposium. The Centre is developing partnerships with co-operative and academic collaborators to enhance our collective understanding and application of co-operative governance.

A knowledge rich and participatory professional development course on Excellence in Member-Centric Governance and Management which will launch in October 2020 at the IMPACT Conference (hosted by NCBA CLUSA).

From June 17-19, 2021, the Centre will convene the second International Co-operative Governance Symposium which will showcase and debate new and different governance frameworks that focus on the people-centred, democratic, and jointly-owned nature of co-operatives.

Our deep knowledge of governance is a result of many years of network and knowledge building.

Other recent Centre contributions include: 

In 2015, we collaborated with the International Co-operative Alliance on a global report titled  Co-operative Governance Fit to Build Resilience in Face of Complexity which was presented at a ICA Research Conference in November 2015.

In 2013, the Centre hosted an International Co-operative Governance Symposium at Saint Mary’s University (Halifax, NS, Canada) where we facilitated dialogue among leading practitioners, researchers and educators on challenges and opportunities for co-operative governance.

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