Graduate feedback

According to a recent graduate survey:

  • 95% of students were satisfied with the program
  • 100% of participants would recommend the program
  • Nearly 80% said the program significantly changed how they see, think and do their jobs.


The Master of Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions continues to be a pivotal milestone in both my educational and professional development. This program has allowed me to build in-depth knowledge, skills and attributes needed to fuel the co-operative difference and movement forward. - Cynthia MacNeil-Burke, CME Master's Student, Chinook Financial Credit Union, Canada

"In this economy, people are hungry for alternatives. The co-operative business model offers a different approach to business – one based in community, democracy and sustainability. CME gives co-op managers the tools they need to innovate and succeed. I can’t speak highly enough of this program." - Erbin Crowell, CME Graduate, Neighboring Food Co-op Association, USA

"I didn’t want a standard MBA program, and most co-op courses seemed to be an MBA with a co-op module attached. The CME program increased my overall effectiveness and the influence of the Scottish Agricultural Organization Society, UK (SAOS) within the Scottish farm and rural co-operative sector, which has grown turnover by 25% in the last year alone." - Bob Yuill, CME Graduate, Scottish Agricultural Organization Society, UK

"The Co-operative Management Education Program brought a whole new dynamic to my work. It helped me to better understand how the co-op philosophy, mission, and business model all work together to provide us with a true competitive advantage. My career has moved forward as well!" - Tony White, CME Graduate, National Co+op Grocers, USA

View a video interview of some of our Alumni.

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