Co-operative Legislation and Public Policy

The Symposium on Co-operative Legislation and Public Policy (June 2009) was organized by the International Centre for Co-operative Management and held in Halifax, Canada.

Abstracts and Papers 

Alzola, Izaskun, Department of Economics and Finance, University of Mondragon, Basque Country, Spain “Cooperative Legislation in the Basque Country: A Specific Regulation” Paper

Anderson, John, Director, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Canadian Co-operative Association “The Co-operative Development Initiative and How to Strengthen Co-operative Public Policy in Canada”

Avsec, Franci, and Dolores Modic, High School of Business and Management, Novo Avsec Mesto, Slovenia "Co-operatrives and the Equality of Legal Persons Before the Law: Lessons from SloveniaPaper

Dobrohoczki, Robert, Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Candidate in Co-operative Studies, Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, University of Saskatchewan, Canada “Rethinking Co-operative Legislation: Building Breakwaters against Global Capitalism” Paper

Fici, Antonio, Associate Professor of Private law at the University of Molise (Italy); Associate Professor, Co-operative and social enterprise law at the University of Trento (Italy) "The New Italian Co-operative Law and the Co-operative Principles” Paper; Powerpoint

Genco, Roberto, Professor, Master of Cooperative Economics Program, University of Bologna "Outdoor Mutuality’ and Mutual Funds for co-operative promotion in Italian co-op’s rules”

Gragnoli, Enrico, practitioner of law, Modena, Italy “Cooperatives, Law and Public Policy: Experiences of Workers' and Producers' Cooperatives in Italy in Terms of Labour Law and Corporate Relations” Paper

Hancock, Erin, MPhil in Policy Studies Candidate, University of New Brunswick, Canada “The Policy Context for Co-operatives in New Brunswick: Looking to the Future” Paper

Herbert, Yuill, Will McDowall, Lindsay Cole and Colin MacDougall, Sustainability Solutions Group, Canada “The Role of Co-operatives in an Ecologically-Constrained Economic System” Paper

Hofheimer, George A, Chief Research Officer, Filene Institute, USA “Evaluating the Single Financial Services Regulator Question”

Lowery, Frank and Jason (Jay) Harris, The Co-operators Group Limited, Guelph, Ontario, Canada “The Co-operators Legislative Environment: Potential Changes” Paper; Powerpoint

Novkovic, Sonja, Professor of Economics, Saint Mary’s University, Canada “Economic theory rationale for policy initiative: Co-operative firms in the presence of Externalities”

Sadler, Larry, Ontario Natural food Co-operative, Canada “A Profile of the Boundaries of Cooperative Structure” Paper

Smith, Stephanie, Senior Legal Advisor, Co-operative Programs, USDA Rural Development, USA “Does/Should Legislation and Public Policy for Cooperatives Differ from Legislation and policy related to Investor-owned Business?

Van Dijk, Peter, Consultant Micro-Finance (Regulation & Supervision Specialist), Consultant, Toulouse, France “Public Policy and Legal prerequisites for Financial Services Cooperatives to work” Paper; Powerpoint

Webb, Tom, Saint Mary’s University, Master of Management – Co-operatives and Credit Unions Program, Canada Co-operation: Should Public Policy Benefits Produce Public Policy Preference”