The collaboration that takes place throughout the International Centre for Co-operative Management programs results in a unique online community. Together, community members enhance their management skills and gain a deep understanding of co-operatives and credit unions that they take back to their home credit unions and co-ops.

Students and graduates stay connected to each other and Saint Mary’s through the Co-operative Management Education Alumni and Student Co-operative (CMEASC) group. The best way to connect is Facebook and LinkedIn and sign up for their newsletter here. Find the membership form here ($100 for a lifetime membership).

If you are considering CME programs but you would like to speak to someone in your industry or region, contact us at and we can connect you so you can get a feel for the programs and get your questions answered.

See graduate testimonials here

Help support incoming and current students

If you were thinking about donating, we want to make sure you know that you know how to direct funds to the International Centre for Co-operative Management.

** You need to indicate Leadership in Co-operative Management Education Bursary (Sobey School of Business) as the specific recipient of any money contributed **

  • Fill in the form you received in the mail and select “Other” for where you want to direct your donation. Indicate Leadership in Co-operative Management Education Bursary (Sobey School of Business)
  • As indicated in the letter and form you received, there are easy options for donating - Online, call, cheque, etc.
  • US Donations – If you are a graduate, student, or family of grad/student, you can donate directly to Saint Mary’s using the options listed (and deduct it as a charitable contribution on your taxes) - If you are in the US, but don’t fit these categories, you can donate to the Friends of Saint Mary’s University and receive a tax receipt (


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