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Careers Here Tour 2019

Date Published: November 15, 2019

This year, on a dreary November day, four vans filled with 14 Masters students from across three programs headed down the 103 to meet a variety of employers at CO3/Mashup Labs and Oak Island Inn and Resort. More than a networking event, this was a working event. The students would be offering consulting insights with potential employers and other businesses

The purpose of this tour was to give Sobey School graduate students the opportunity to share some of their intellectual capital with local employers while at the same time, supporting those employers in solving some real-world problems that ranged from marketing a small business, to identifying operational efficiencies to addressing significant human resource issues. In addition to developing deeper connection with employers and potential opportunity, the students also had the opportunity learn about life in rural Nova Scotia.

“This was an amazing experience for me and I felt like we have added value to most of their businesses in a small way. This is definitely a tour/experience/platform that the “big companies “ may not be able to provide.”- AJ, MBA student


Enhance, diversify and create a more vibrant and dynamic rural Nova Scotia economy.


Create opportunities to build authentic connections between students, employers and communities that inspire labour force attachment and a vibrant social fabric throughout rural NS.

Since 2017, Graduate Career Services of the Sobey School of Business has spearheaded a unique initiative that brings students and employers together in rural Nova Scotia. Initially dubbed the South Shore Corporate Tour, and more recently branded Careers Here Tour (CHT) ’19 - South Shore this experiential opportunity is a win, win, win for all.

Originally designed to address some of the concerns raised in Ray Ivany's "Now or Never" report on the Nova Scotia economy, this event has evolved over the years to become a platform to connect employers and students with opportunity in rural areas of the province. After a very successful 2018 event that included 39 Masters’ students and 22 employers meeting in a variety of locations in Lunenburg and Queens Counties, we took some time to reflect, solicit feedback from participants and redesign an event that would guarantee deeper connection between employers and students as well as improved success with labour force attachment.

The program has evolved to become a highly experiential affair. Students are required to attend a day-long workshop to ensure their resume, LinkedIn and networking skills are polished and ready for market, in addition to a 3-hour orientation where they prepare and present briefs on the employers they will be visiting.

Over the course of the past three years, this valuable program has elevated the Sobey School of Business’ presence not only on the South Shore but throughout Nova Scotia as we work with a variety of community partners to ensure the best possible outcomes. In peak planning season, the CHT Steering Committee (consisting of community members in addition to P4G, ACOA, Labour and Advanced Education as well as a number of Regional Enterprise Networks), meets bi-weekly to strategize on how best to meet the needs of the local employers.

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