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BNUZ-SMU Research and Academic Skill Building Symposium

Date Published: November 16, 2018

In mid-November, researchers from the Sobey School of Business travelled to Zhuhai, China for a robust research exchange symposium, reflecting the expanding partnership between the organizations.

The party of researchers attending from Saint Mary's comprised:

  • Malcolm Butler, Vice President Academic and Research
  • Harjeet S. Bhabra, Dean, Sobey School of Business
  • Catherine Loughlin, Associate Dean, Research and Knowledge Mobilization
  • Mohammad Rahaman, CRC International Finance and Competitiveness
  • Miguel Morales, BComm Coordinator (Zhuhai)
  • Ethan Pancer
  • Karen Grandy
  • Rahman Khokhar
  • Jie Dai
  • Florian Muenkel
  • Ellen Farrell

The topics examined represented a broad cross-section of Sobey School's research interests. Topics presented on included entrepreneurship and CSR; entrepreneurial ecosystems; migration of young women in China; China's low-end manufacturing capacity output; computer vision predicting new product adoption; media coverage of Apple and Google's 'egg-freezing' employee benefit; pricing interest rate derivatives; informed trading; the financial technology of "robo advisors"; and political risk and external financing.

The skill-building took the shape of pedagogical examinations of bilingual teaching of business students; an open discussion on research methods; and literature sources, data collecting and econometric application.

The goal was to cross-pollinate ideas and explore alignment for future bilateral research opportunities. The event was planned and executed with a small group of faculty from each university. The Sobey School lead was Dr. Rahman Khokhar.

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