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The Sobey Executive MBA International Trade Mission

Charlene Boyce


The 2019 class visits Novo Nordisk


We are going to explore the Sobey Executive MBA International Trade Mission in a three-part series of articles. 

This international business learning experience has long been a cornerstone of the program, and is cited as a watershed moment by many of our alumni. It gives the working professionals in the Executive MBA program an opportunity to try on different roles, to learn about different fields and industries, and to build their confidence through active intercultural learning.

The Trade Mission has many facets – as the highlight of the students’ second year, it crystallizes much of the learning they have done to that point, takes them outside their comfort zone and offers opportunities for personal growth. And it is more than just an educational experience. Through the mission, Sobey School is able to help businesses in Atlantic Canada develop their markets, and thus build our economy. It reflects a set of important relationships with business, with government and with international partners, as well as the mission’s matchmaking partner, Kisserup.  

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Part One – Good Business

Part Two – Connected to the World

Part Three – Education on All Levels


Tour of Daskalides Chocolate factory in Belgium